Sweet Lizzie has been adopted. Photos and a write-up coming soon.

My name is Lizzie and I am three years old. Let’s just get the obvious over right now. Yes, I have had plenty of babies. I had my last ones just a few weeks ago. And yes, I only have one eye. Lost the other one when I was very young so this is really all I’ve known.

I am a little chunky and I have a personality as BIG as me. And do you like my ears? They are very special! I love to wiggle and run and enjoy life to the fullest. Now that I am retired I will have plenty of time to do that.

So I’m spending a little time with Dr. Larsen for my spa treatment and a little surgery. Then I will be ready to rock and roll right into my forever home.

12/24/20 Update: Lizzie arrived to us super shut down. She was scared to death of us and most everything. She preferred to huddle in her pen and just trembled. When outside, she darted to one corner of the yard and sat there and shook.

I’m happy to report Lizzie has made some small, yet huge steps just this week!
She responds to my voice and will come to me outside all wiggly and bouncy. Last night, she sat in the living room with all of us. Typically, she darts right to her pen. We still have to carry her inside and outside, but she’s slowly realizing she’s safe here.
It’s and fun to see her relax and also pulls at the heart strings. This is our first experience with this type of psyche in a dog.
In this picture, she’s in “her spot” in the yard, just enjoying the sunshine. Good things are h