Lola Louise

Lola Louise

‘Ello! It’s Lola Louise – the loveliest little lady you’ll ever lay eyes upon!

Lola was left with Lonestar as an owner surrender, but whoever adopts her will luck out! Her frame is little, at only 40 lbs., and her tongue hangs loose. She’s got a few minor health problems – cataracts, dry eye, and arthritis – but she never lets it lower her mood.

Leashes? Loves ‘em. Laying in her crate? Likes it. Leaving your carpet alone and doing her business outside? Learned it.

Lola Louise is probably best as a lone dog in the house. Though she’s loving, it can be to a fault, as she can be jealous of other dogs around her humans. She can also be a bit possessive of toys and food, so she is probably best getting all of your love and attention to herself.

But her feelings towards dogs end with dogs! She loves little humans (also known as kids), and also loves little lions (also known as cats). She is low energy, and is happiest locking in to the couch to cuddle with you. She appreciates a good belly rub more than just about anything, and is trustworthy enough to be left alone in the house. Because of her laid-back attitude, she would be great for first-time bulldog owners.

If you believe Lola Louise will be the light in your bulldog life, let us know but filling out an application!