Lola Lynn

Lola Lynn

Lola Lynn was adopted!!!! Lola Lynn found her furever family last week, sorry for the delay on the pictures. Her new family has all the energy she needs and showers her with love. We were sad to see her go but she was getting so much attention from the kids she didn’t even notice me leaving. We know she is in a great place and we are  so happy for her

Lola Lynn is a 3 yr. old female that weighs approximately 55 lbs.

5/14/2015 Update: Lola Lynn was an owner surrender. She is currently at the clinic getting ready to join her new Lone Star Bulldog Rescue Club foster family. Stay tuned for more updates on Lola Lynn as she embarks on her new adventure in finding a new forever family.

5/18/2015 update: Lola Lynn has taken the next step to her forever home and has joined her foster family. She is such a sweetheart. She is truly a lap dog. Every time I sit down she is in my lap laying down. She is a brand new experience for us though, I have never had to deal with stitches in a tail before and she loves to wiggle her butt which isn’t good for her stiches. We have been working on Lola Lynn calming down, but she just gets so excited when she sees a human. I’ve found the best way to calm her down is to put her in her room and she just passes out. She is adjusting well and will be ready for her forever home in no time.

5/31/2015 Update: Lola Lynn went to our family barbecue this week and she loved playing with my brother’s 2 year old daughter and asking for belly rubs, I mean saying hi to all the adults. You also can tell Lola Lynn has been a mom before because she was super gentle with their 10 month old baby, she just went and laid her head next to the baby’s little head when they were playing on the ground together. Super cute!  My brother should be sending me those photos soon.

Lola Lynn is the biggest cuddle bug in the whole wide world, she sleeps in between me and my wife, like a little bully sandwich every night and cuddles with her foster sister on the couches during the day. She loves to lay her head in our laps when we sit down and stares at you until you pet her.

When we come home from work Lola Lynn has a little happy dance she does where she jumps up and tries to give you a million high fives, it is absolutely hilarious. Her stitches came out this week too and she’s recovering really well.  We definitely are cherishing our time with Lola Lynn because we are sure she will be adopted fast because she is such a sweetheart.

6/15/2015 Update: Lola Lynn is doing great, she had her first home visit and got along well with their family. We need to do a second home visit to make sure she gets along with their two smaller dogs, but she did great with the cat and their older bulldog. I really think we have found Lola a great forever home and hopefully the family feels the same way.

Lola Lynn and Lola Shinn have been getting along a lot better and they are being better about sharing their toys. We still have small scuffles but nothing major.

Lola Lynn and the cat love playing together all day long. the cat will hide and jump out and Lola Lynn will chase him into his bed. Then the cat will pop out and scare her and this lasts all day. It is hilarious watching them go back and forth.

We have also been going on morning walks with our grandma and that leads to an exhausted puppy all day long, but she is getting back into shape. It also leads to lots of cuddling which is good for her foster daddy, because he is not up a moving a lot after his surgery. But Lola Lynn Loves her Foster Mommy the most. She loves to lay on top of her foster Mama at night and sit in the chairs and sleep when Foster Mommy comes home from work, it is adorable and my wife loves it as much as Lola Lynn.