Lucy Kay (LuLu)

Lucy Kay (LuLu)

Lulu has a new home in the capital of Texas! She is headed down to Austin to “Keep It Weird.” I think it was love at first sight, honestly. She saw her new furever dad, Chris, and her heart melted. Started it off with a quick head, then belly rub, and it didn’t take long for her to be in his arms. Her new brother Otis was waiting outside in the car and she couldn’t wait to get inside it. She had a great meeting with him and we couldn’t believe how happy she seemed. Tails were a wagging and she looked three years younger. The kid was coming out of this 6-year-old sophisticated gal. Chris is an awesome guy. Lulu is on the left and her new brother Otis is on the right. Thank you, Chris, for adopting from rescue and giving a precious Bulldog a home. Good luck to you both and we will keep in touch.
My name is Lucy Kay (Lulu)! My family had to surrender me because they could not give me the time and attention I need. I am 6 years old, but you would never know it. I act like a puppy. I am a petite, sweet-like-cherry-pie girl. My foster mom says we will be going to the vet this week to find out why I am so skinny and get whatever I need to start my new wonderful life. I have adjusted pretty well. I love following my foster mom around, and all my new brother and sisters are very nice to me. Right when my foster mom got me home, she gave me a bath, cleaned my ears, clipped my nails and brushed my teeth. At first, I thought this was too much grooming, but when that bathroom door opened and I was clean from head to toe, I ran all over the house, being happy and feeling good. So I think I might stay here for awhile. I’ll keep you updated on how much pampering, food, sleep and love I get here, but so far, so good!

7/25/16 Update:  Lucy Lulu Kay has only been with me for a week, but what a week.Her first trip to the vet was Tuesday. We found out that she has mammary gland cancer. The good news is that it is contained only in the glands. It has not moved anywhere else. She is scheduled for surgery this Friday to remove both sides of her mammary canals and the doctor feels this will take care of her cancer problem and she will be good as new soon. She is very skinny because of this so no weight gain this week, but he feels she will start gaining after her recovery. Even with this terrible problem, she still keeps going. She’s one of my dancers. She dances around when I come home and acts like she hasn’t seen me in weeks, even if it was just a short trip to the store. She is a sweetheart in every way. She gets along with all the Bullies unless they get in her face, then it’s a short, but to the point little snap and she’s done. She only weighs 34 lbs at this time and has a very small build. She is the only one of my babies that I can put in the chair with me and never know she is there. I love this tiny little girl and she has a rough road to go, but we will do it together and the future picture of her will be a total makeover.

8/10/16 Update:  Lucy Kay has been cleared for her surgery! She is going to be the princess of the house this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing her true personality after her recovery. I’m going to fatten her up and she’s going to be ready to have a new start in life. I didn’t take pics this week because she has felt so bad, so I’m attaching an old one. She is eating really well and has gained 2 lbs. She just doesn’t have any energy. Please keep Lucy Kay in your thoughts and prayers for this Friday when she has her surgery.This little girl has been sick for a long time and if she can just make it through the surgery, my prayers will be answered. Thank you for following her story. As the saying goes, “When You’re On The Bottom, The Only Way Is Up.” After Friday, she’s on her way up!

8/16/16 Update:  My little SWEET PEA’S (that’s what I call her) luck is as bad as mine. She and I were so excited about her surgery last Friday! UNTIL we got to the clinic and found she had an ear infection. NO SURGERY! The reason the doctor is so cautious about no infections before surgery is because her system is so run down and he wants to make sure we give her every chance in the world to make it through surgery! The good news this week is that she has gained 3 lbs. I know we ladies hate a 3 lb gain, but in this little lady’s life, we need all the weight we can get. I could certainly give her 10 or 15 lbs of mine. That would be a WIN WIN for her and me. She is still such a tiny girl. Foster mom is going to get her on her feet and she is going to be amazingly beautiful when she’s all better. I will keep everyone informed when the next surgery is scheduled. I think I’m going to put her in a bubble for the next two weeks and just roll her everywhere, so nothing can go wrong. We all know about the Bubble Boy and now we are going to have a Bubble Bully! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. It is very kind of you to take the time to write something. I read every one of them to her. Your kindness helps me be strong for her!

8/21/16 Update:  Lucy has put on more weight! YEA! If I can keep her in her bubble this week and no more infections, then we FINALLY get to have surgery this Friday. I have never fostered a baby that has been through so much. Even though she has been through so much, she is always the first to greet me when I come home. Jumping and dancing around, so glad to see me. I love this girl! Lucy Kay will need to be an “only child.” She has been through so much Iwant her to have ALL the attention. She loves people and loves to be loved. She is so small that you can almost put her in your pocket and carry her around. She sits in the chair with me every night. She loves her crate and is completely house broken now. No accidents at all. She is eating like a champ now and loves her treats. She loves to walk, as long as you will walk and is great on a leash. I am sending a pic of her with my update. Even though her “Glamour Shot” shows how bad she feels, I am sending it anyway so when she is well and fat, everyone that follows her will have been on this adventure with us. I am waiting for the time we can all say “I Knew Her When.”  Thank you to everyone who follows her story and I promise you this is going to have a beautiful ending.

10/19/16 Update:  This is the strongest girl I have ever fostered. Everyone knows that when Lucy first came to live with me she suffered from ovarian cancer. She weighed only 32 lbs. I sent pictures and updates on how small and sick she was. I haven’t updated in awhile because I wanted good news when I wrote again. Well, it’s time now to let you know how she’s doing. SHE IS CANCER FREE!!  She had her surgery and results came back that is was a very low cancer count and was isolated in her mammary glands. Not a cancer that moves into the body.  All the cancer was removed and she is now a healthy and happy girl. She already weighs 40 lbs. and getting fatter every day. I have spoiled her rotten and loved ever minute of it.

Lucy is house trained and likes a crate or just sleeping on the couch. She loves to go outside and walk, walk, walk. Even though she is 40 lbs. now she is a very small built girl and will never need to be over 45 lbs. She loves to ride in the car. She goes to Home Depot with me and rides in the cart. She is that small that you can pick her up and put her in the cart with ease. Sometimes she just goes on her leash and never meets a stranger.

As Lucy foster mom I am going to be very picky about her future forever family. These are my requirements: (1) Lucy has to be the only pet for this person or family. (2) Lucy has to be loved with all your heart. (3) Lucy’s forever family needs to understand she has been through a lot and needs to be your Princess. If you are a person or family that can meet these requirements, then your the home is for her! It will be hard for me to let her go, because we’ve been through so much together, but as foster moms and dads, it is our goal to get our babies their own personal family with their own personal home and most of all LOVE.  So I will watch her walk away to her new life with happy tears in my eyes and know that everything she’s been through was worth it to watch her walk away from me to a life of LOVE!