LuLu Rae

LuLu Rae

Introducing…… drum roll please! LuLu Rae! LuLu Rae is a 3 year old female with markings as unique as she is. She’s a very petite bulldog by bully standards but has a heart and personality bigger than any bulldog giant. She has energy and is remarkably playful for 3.

LuLu Rae has adapted quickly in her foster home. Although she had a couple of accidents the first day and a half, she’s quickly caught onto the routine around the home and will go to the door and whine when she needs out. She loves to eat and is a little messy but cleans it up herself.

As she’s recovering from her tail amputation she’s spending quiet time in her crate. She doesn’t mind the crate once she’s in there and she’ll make herself comfortable and nap. If left up to her, she’d much rather be within sight of her people receiving the kind words, love, scratching, petting, and belly rubs that she knows she’s worthy of.

She’s getting along well with a foster brother, also a bulldog. LuLu Rae would do best with a submissive male. She spent some time with foster mom’s 5 & 6 year old grand kids and just flopped over for them to rub her tummy.

Is LuLu Rae’s forever home yours? She is spayed, Up to date on vaccinations and on heartworm preventative.