I knew from the minute I saw him that I had to foster him. That face… that expression! Well, Mack Attack’s new family couldn’t resist him either. We were in constant contact for weeks, sharing photos and videos until they were able to make the trip to Dallas. His pops absolutely fell in love with him. Mack’s new family are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, plus they have a long history with Bulldogs and our rescue. In fact, Mack’s new furmate Bette is a Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna.

So, Mack packed his bags and hit the road for Arkansas, where I’m told he’s going to dine on steak, sleep in the bed, and have all the toys he can hope for.

I’m really going to miss this big boy. His goofy face, personality and barking fits could make me smile on the worst of days. I know he’ll do the same for his new mum, pops, and furmate. I’ll never forget you, Mack Attack!

At the age of 7, Mack has joined rescue and what a sad day it was for the family. Due to some unforeseen circumstance Mack’s family felt like he needed a family who could spend more time with him. Mack is an awesome bulldog that has always had love and attention. Mack knows a few commands, he is great on a leash, house trained, loves everyone with fur (except cats) and loves kids!

Even though Mack is considered a senior at age 7 he has the energy of a young bulldog and a fabulous disposition that anyone would love.

2/15/19 Update:  I’m big in stature. Yes, I’m big, but fit and trim. In fact, I was built to attract the ladies and make them swoon. I’m also quite the gentleman. Well-mannered, house-trained and crate-trained. I’ll even politely sit for you when you give me a cookie. I have personality, too. Since I arrived in my foster home a week ago, I’ve kept my sometimes goofy personality a bit of a secret until I acclimated to my new surroundings. Now that I’m am more comfortable, I’ve begun to unveil my quirks. I’ve let on that I can be a bit of a baby. I might look all tough and all, but I’ll actually sulk and whimper a bit when my favorite bed is occupied. When he’s stubborn and won’t let me have the bed, I’ll just crawl in and cuddle with my 4-legged housemate, fellow foster boy Tut. I can’t cuddle with the resident diva, though. She’s not so cuddly; in fact, she’s a bit prickly. So you know what I do? I’m mischievous and like to be a pest and wind her up. It’s lots of fun, although she’s on to me now and has started to ignore me. Oh, well. I just go with the flow.

I might be 7, but I like my toys. I also love walks and riding in the car. Overall, I think I’m a pretty laid back, low-maintenance man. Hard not to love. Foster mum likes to laugh and call me a big oaf. Well, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Mack, and I’m a gentle giant.

2/27/19 Update:  Well, foster mum said she’s suspected it for awhile, but she’s figured me out now and that it’s official: I’m an oaf. Then she throws around terms like goofball. Goofy oaf. I’ll go with it. I’ll admit that I’m a bit lazy. I love that sofa and conking out on it. If you want to share the sofa with me, though, I won’t hold it against you if your lap is too small. I’ll still find a way to get comfortable in it. Snuggling is my thing. I don’t discriminate — I’ll snuggle with you or my foster mate. But, when I get excited, I have a choreographed dance that only I can do. Foster mum laughs and calls me a klutz.

What you should also know about me is that I’m a bit of a philosopher. No one else knows what it is that I’m going on about, but if I think you’re not getting my point, I’ll reiterate it until I think you do. Again and again. I call it philosophizing, but foster mum calls it something we need to work on.

I continue to love my walks. I’m pretty good toward the end of my walks, but I need someone strong enough to keep up with me during the first half. You don’t otherwise have to worry too much about my size and strength. I am, after all, well-mannered and respectful. In fact, I hear I’m a favorite in the household and that I’m quite the catch. You don’t want to miss out! Hurry and catch me before someone else succumbs to my charms. Just ask about Mack the stud.