Margie Maple

Margie Maple

It’s been a long and windy road for Miss Margie Maple, the sweetest bulldog you’ll ever meet! She has been in our rescue family since last summer where she joined us from a breeder. We quickly realized Margie had some major tummy troubles. After months of unsuccessful trial and error with different diet and supplements, Miss Margie took a trip to see the experts in College Station before the holidays. She came home with a whole new protocol…and we’re so happy to say that it’s been working so far! Her foster family has grown so close to this sweet girl and wants to ensure that this new approach is carefully followed…so they made the decision to adopt her. Margie Maple, Queen of the Couch, will never have to fight for a spot on the sofa again! Margie has two big skin brothers and one tiny but mighty fur brother. Her furever family loves her dearly and will take wonderful care of her.

I got the nickname M&M after the candy because I am just that sweet! 

I bet you’re wondering what in the world I am doing here. Well, I love a good couch. That’s the only place in the house for me. I eat breakfast,  stroll around outside for a bit, and when the door opens, it’s a race to the couch. And I was a racing a poodle with really, really long legs. I measured my legs, and they are only 4 inches. The poodle’s legs are about 4 feet! 

Let’s just say I never made it to the couch first and by the time she spread out, it was impossible for me to get a good seat. And there she slept all day long! I paced back and forth, hoping for a spot, but she would not budge.  

I pleaded to my family for me to have a turn on the couch, but they just said, “M&M, she was here first and she is older. One day, it will be your turn.” 

I got tired of waiting for that “one day,” so I packed my backpack and hopped in the SUV and off I rode, leaving that tall poodle behind.  

I am 4 years old and I had puppies a couple times, but I am done with puppies too.  

I sat with Dr. Larsen, who said I was “thick” but beautiful. I explained to her my desire to have my very own couch and she assured me that was doable.   

People, if you are a Bulldog-loving family that will let me jump up and lay on the sofa all day, I may be the lady for you. If sofa sitting is not for you, keep on scrolling. I have waited all my life for my chance to jump up there and watch TV.  

And oh yeah, if you have a poodle, I am not for you either. This fluffy gal with short legs is not going to race one of those tall dogs to the couch ever again. I can see me now… Margie Maple, Queen of the Couch!

8/9/21 Update:  The Queen of the Couch is all settled in on a great big one with her new foster family. This fluffy girl is a SWEETHEART. All she wants is a comfy sofa to lay her head and some good rubs from her people. She will make a family an adorable couch companion.

8/19/21 Update:  Margie Maple, Queen of the Couch, reporting in. What do I like? A good couch. What is my typical day like? Eating a yummy breakfast, doing my business like a lady… and then, wait for it, I’m back on couch duty! I like the real long ones because there’s always plenty of room to stretch out. Who’s ready for Margie, Queen of the Couch? Raise your hands, all you couch potatoes!

8/24/21 Update:  Margie Maple, Queen of the Couch, got off the couch today! She has been a bit backed up, if you know what I mean? And FM and FD have been feeding her some amazing high-fiber food along with Metamucil, Dulcolax, and a few “treatments” a lady should never describe.

Anyhoo, after taking care of some major business (!), she felt light and lovely and that today was the day to explore. Not happy at all with this family’s design aesthetic, Margie promptly started re-arranging. Here she is after moving her secondary lounger across the kitchen.

9/2/21 Update:  Queen of the Couch reporting in for duty! I got off the couch again today, put on a fancy pink thing and went for a little stroll at dusk. Don’t be fooled by my couch potato tendencies. This sister can move when I want! I have a cute little trot and the neighbors love me. How about you?

9/2/21 Update:  Margie had a ruff weekend of tummy troubles. We’ve been trying different things for her chronic constipation. And oh boy! Mineral oil sure pushed things along – maybe a bit too much! Thankfully she is feeling more like herself again today and has regained her Margie Maple spunk.

11/18/21 Update:   A little dog yoga, anyone? Or, as Margie likes to call it, dogya?

12/3/21 Update:  Margie Maple is the most lovable gentle lady. Her tummy troubles persist and thanks to the wonderful Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family, she has an appointment to see the experts at Texas A&M in December. Keep this sweet girl in your prayers that they can figure out a lasting solution to her megacolon condition. She deserves nothing less than the best!

1/5/22 Update:   Foster girl Margie Maple can relate to all those little kids who got itchy sweaters from their aunts, instead of toys, at Christmas. But it will keep you warm, Margie….