Yesterday was the most amazing day!  We got to see the two little girls we loved so much be accepted and loved by their very own forever family!  Journey and Martha were thrilled to meet their new parents, Johnny and Daniella, and so were we!  To meet people with hearts big enough for two was a true treat.  These precious girls will want for nothing.  They will also have their very own little girl to love, protect and grow up with as the their new parent’s have a beautiful 6 month old daughter.  Johnny reports that all is great at home and the girls are very curious and sweet around the baby.  I see a future of beautiful pics being posted of this happy family to our Facebook page!   Our home was so quiet last night, but it made us smile to know our girls were safe, happy and loved!  Thank you Johnny and Daniella for opening your hearts and home to our little dynamic duo.  I know they are truly home now.

Welcome Martha to Rescue. After a lifetime of breeding, she is retired for life!

10/16/16 Update:  Martha, had a blast at the craft fair and met lots of nice people!  Hopefully someone will want to add her to their family soon.  She was so tired afterwards that she slept until Sunday morning and only budged off the couch to eat dinner.  Tired baby for sure!

She has had a great week!  Her biggest accomplishment this week was winning over big Bruno and getting him to play with her.  He is big and uncoordinated and plays rough, but she loved it!  He is having a blast and looks years younger now!  Hurrah for this girl for bringing life back to Bruno the couch potato!

11/13/16 Update:  Martha is a social butterfly. She was up in everyone’s business having a blast!  She is our Energizer Bunny and never misses a thing……until she eats dinner and goes into her room to snooze with Journey.  Bless their little hearts, they are still concerned with hand movements and loud noises, but they are totally trusting of us now.  Visitors just have to be a bit more chill around them.  They are so loving and sweet with everyone, but trust comes a bit more slowly for them.  They had a totally great weekend and are most likely resting up at home while we are out earning dog food money.

12/4/16 Update:  Journey and Martha (aka JJ and Marti) have officially survived the Thanksgiving holiday without gaining too much weight, but still without a forever home.  This is something their foster parents just can’t believe.  These two are so sweet, so fun, and so joyful!  They are not aggressive towards anything, they love all fur and skin.  They are doing great with potty training, with only occasional blanket peeing at night.  These two could certainly be adopted separately, but together they are just magic!  Their antics and their love for each other keep up alternately laughing and awwwwing at them.  We also find it hard to get good pics of them as they are always on the go (and we have had family in town for 2 weeks).  We have to wait until they are ready for a pit stop on the couch to snap a pic, but we will work on getting some cute Christmas pics of them this week.  JJ is growing up before our eyes…..she is small, soft and just perfect in every way!  Marti has vision issues and requires twice daily eye drops, but she is so adorable about taking them, jumping up on the couch and tilting her little head back for me, that it makes giving them to her a treat for me!  She too is small and agile and can jump straight up in the air about 3 ft just for fun!  Such a little clown!  There are not enough words to express how incredible these two are!  They would make someone special very happy this Christmas!  A gift of love and happiness!  What could be better?!

1/22/17 Update:  Journey and Martha are exhausted after all the playoff games…….Journey even had to eat her dinner on the couch and then pass out funny side up!   These girls have such a capacity for playing and fun time and then this is what you get the rest of the day……slugs.  About the only time they are still enough for a picture, they are on this couch!   They are so precious together and are such good girls.  They have grown so much physically and in personality.  They are always happy, very concerned about the “NO” word, and always joined at the hip.  They longer we have them, the more bonded they become.  Martha has managed to hurtle her way into injuring her back leg, or Journey has managed to rip it off cave man style…….either way Journey is determined to help take care of Martha and sits with her arm around her.  It just melts your heart and I wish is could have gotten a picture of it……, we will continue to look for that perfect family with love enough for two.  They are so totally worth it!