The long awaited day has arrived! ADOPTION DAY!!  And Martin has hit the jackpot with his new family!


Please welcome Martin to the family! Yesterday Martin joined rescue and is one cute, sweet, young hot mess.  Martin was sold by a breeder to someone, that someone resold him,  and that person lost him and he ended up in animal control.  Best thing that ever happened to Martin.  He will finally get the help he needs.

3/5/16 Update:  When I met my transport today, I realized I was not prepared to see Martin… or ready to hear him cry when I touched his face. Not even a year old, Martin is the reason we work so hard to right the wrong that has been done to him by man. My heart breaks.

3/10/16 Update from his new foster mom.  After several days in the clinic, Martin has finally arrived in foster care and he is so happy to be home! After a thorough examination of his new domain, he found the “bone basket,” picked out the one he wanted and then settled down on one of the living room dog beds. He then proceeded to take a two hour nap. He is very insecure and can only be pet in certain places because it hurts to be touched. He got to hang out with foster siblings Gordon and Gracie and he did well with them both.

I spent yesterday evening just trying to reassure him. He got to hear those 3 words over and over again and he returned the sentiment with a toothy smile. He went to bed and slept all night long knowing that he is finally loved.

This morning, I introduced him to foster sister, Piglet. I was totally amazed by my little snobbish Pig. She was very sweet and gave him some kisses and then started to clean his boo boos.

Marty has a long way to go. Once we get his skin cleared up, get rid of the nasty little Demodex buggies, and put some weight on him, then we will get him neutered and hopefully start the process of killing the heart worms.  

3/26/16 Update:  I know….so many of you may be asking, “Now why don’t he write?” The reason is that Martin has just been a VERY SICK puppy.

Everything that could be wrong with him is wrong with him. His poor immune system has left his little body defenseless. He has caught everything a neglected, malnourished Bulldog can get. Demodex. Heartworms. Kennel cough.

Poor Marty has spent the last two weeks in my home mostly sleeping and coughing. On pretty days, he took naps while sunning himself on the deck. He has had ZERO energy and just hasn’t cared for much, except food. The kennel cough really took it’s toll on him. I have just let him rest and heal.

On this GORGEOUS Good Friday morning, we have much to celebrate! This morning, after being outside for a little while, I opened the back door and he came BOUNCING into the house!Instead of going back to bed, he grabbed a toy and ran and jumped on the bed and started tossing it around. As I grabbed my phone to video him, he ran and grabbed another toy and started having a great time playing and tossing the toy. This weekend we will not only be celebrating Easter….we will also be celebrating the new Martin!

5/1/16 Update:  Martin has done very well on his first week of mandatory 30 days of bed rest. Amazingly for a 1 year old kid, Martin is a pretty laid back guy. He enjoys basking in the sun on the deck and sitting in the chair with Foster Ma watching TV. He’s an easy keeper who doesn’t fuss much about anything. Martin still needs to gain some weight, therefore he is pretty much allowed to have anything he wants. So he can be a little demanding for frequent cookies. 

Recently, I have learned that Martin is NOT a morning Bulldog. Getting him up and out of bed is a chore! Recently, he has had to be bribed to get up and go outside and sometimes that doesn’t work so much! He just loves to hug and be hugged. He has the cutest little smile when I talk to him and give him kisses. He loves a good cuddle. 1 yr oldHe is absolutely the sweetest, most loving little soul!