Update from volunteer Dianne: Today, I met one of the nicest ladies that I have ever met when she surrendered Max. Max is 5 and to me, just perfect!

His idea of taking pictures was laying in the grass and rolling in the dirt.

Max’s mother found Max several months ago on Craigslist. She drove to Houston to get him from a breeder who was “downsizing.”

She soon discovered Max was in horrific shape, with open sores. His collar was so tight that when she took it off, his entire neck was one huge sore. Max was intact, had a double ear infection, demodex mange and was severely underweight. About $1,000 later, Max is perfect.

Max’s mother could not stop crying when telling me about Max. She said his problem was that he was “just too nice” and the resident dogs made him cry every day at the house.

Max’s mom never sees a dog in need without stopping. She’ll stop on the side of the road, pick up the dog, take him/her to the vet, and then forever love. So, obviously surrendering Max was not in the plan. But the 12 1/2 year old resident Pug took great pride in jumping on Max at every chance she got. Hurting Max was a daily ritual for the Pug and the mom knew that after all Max had been through, he did not deserve to live in fear of a mean Pug.

Max, sweet boy, your new life starts today. 2015 is going to be YOUR year!