Maybelline has been adopted! From her foster momma: Miss Maybelline is now in the loving arms (or, ummm… bed) of her forever mom and dad! This precious little girl won the Bulldog jackpot with Jessica and Michael and her new Bulldog brother, Spud. She will get to go to work each day with her dad and will be loved and spoiled and loved some more for the rest of her life. And it looks like she is settling in just fine by the looks of the pic they sent after they got her home – already sound asleep in Mom and Dad’s bed 😊. Happy life, Sweet Maybelline – you deserve it!

We need your good vibes for 7-month-old Maybelline. She was surrendered to us because she has a severe blockage and needed immediate vet care. We will keep you posted on her.

12/22/17 Update:  Thankfully, with some help with barium, she was able to pass her gut “inventory” last week, so the vet didn’t have to surgically remove the collection. She’s a very shy girl and the vet staff is doing their best to help boost her confidence.

12/30/17 Update:  Maybelline is settling in to her new foster home and she is one precious, little Bulldog! It’s our second day with her and so far, she is affectionate, sweet, calm, cuddly, and gets along great with the other foster dogs in the house, as well as the cats. And as you can see, she is as cute as any little baby girl Bulldog can be! She is not fully house trained and we’ll work hard on that. She doesn’t mind her crate and did not soil her bedding last night. Hopefully, that will continue! So, our adventure with little Miss Maybelline begins. Come along with us as we help this special little girl find her forever family!

1/21/18 Update:  Foster girl Maybelline just had her bath and is trying on her fairy wings for her meet-and-greet this afternoon. Keep your paws crossed for this sweet, little fairy angel 😇!