The day sweet Melee had been hoping for took place last Saturday at an awesome dog park at Slovecek’s in West, TX.  This is where Melee met her new mom, LeeAnne, and her sister, LSBCR alumni Sugar Cookie!  We had such a great time watching them explore and get to know each other and we just knew this was the perfect match for Melee!  Proof of this was when they got back home and began to truly bond and play bully wrestle mania!  Melee now has a HUGE backyard to call her own with it’s own doggie door, a perfectly matched sister to share adventures with and a mom and dad who love her to pieces.  She got to meet her new dad, Michael, who has introduced her to recliner lounging and she loves it!  She will get to meet their grandkids and the rest of family this week too!  We are just so happy for her and her new family!  When it’s perfect, there is just nothing better!  Thanks LeeAnne and Michael for giving our sweet Melee a furever home for the holidays!  Much love and happiness to you all!

Melee here reporting to rescue. I came today with my two friends. Don’t tell them I said this, but I am the most beautiful. I am a very special light chocolate color. I will be three years old next week. It is October 6 if you want to send gifts! Food is always appreciated. Look at my figure!

Besides being the most beautiful I am the sweetest. You will notice something recently changed. A few weeks ago I hurt my eye and it had to be removed. Some think it makes me look exotic!  Stormy likes to hide, Lizzie likes to run around like a crazy dog. I would just prefer to walk as little as possible and snuggle as much as possible. You can tell from my photo shoot that I am not a big fan of walking. I just don’t see the point in it. 

Dr. Larsen will check me out and do a little surgery. I think I am in pretty good shape. But I will be reading the applications of interested families. Be sure to include the size of your couch!

10/12/20 Update:  Melee could hands down win any “tongue out Tuesday” contest!  J

This little 2 yr. old cutie is now bunking with us, and I must say, it feels great to finally have another foster in the house!  Melee has been a delight to get to know.  Every day is a new adventure for her and she is having a blast.  She is beautiful with a big wiggle butt and her favorite thing to do is hug you.  We are trying to work on “down” put it’s just so precious that it’s hard to tell her that.  She is getting to know our crew and loves to play.  She loves to take all toys, blankets, towels, pillows and anything else not attached to something to her room.  Eventually the others come get their toys and I collect everything else and we start over again!  Good times!  She is sweet, funny and so loving.  Watching her get to be a puppy is awesome.  She gets along great with all the furries (including the cats) and only wants to be loved.  She loves having her own room but is ok with others coming in.  So far she does not want to get on the furniture, but I bet that changes soon. Every day she tries something new and different and watching her just makes you happy.  I think she would love a home with older children (little ones could get bowled over by her hugs) with lots of hands to pet her!  That sounds perfect!

10/26/20 Update:  Melee is getting used to her harness and leash. She loves going outside in the backyard, but is still totally freaked out by the BIG OUTDOORS in the front yard. Baby steps, but she will get there.

She loves to play with all toys, especially empty water bottles! She is inquisitive, smart and knows the word “NO!” She thinks everything is a toy, so she hears that frequently. LOL! She plays hard, eats great and sleeps like a rock.
She is still careful and somewhat submissive around our bigger boys, but she doesn’t let them push her around. She just isn’t interested in their macho “I’m-bigger-than-you-and-I-can-kick-your-butt” crap. She just goes on about her business and ignores them. She loves Harley the Pug and Norman the WhoKnowsWhatMixedUp Dog.
She gives the sweetest kisses and loves to hug you. We are also working on potty training and she is doing very well. She even likes the rain! Big WooHoo for that! She still doesn’t want to get on the furniture, but loves when you sit on the floor with her.
We are just so proud of her and adore her sweet face. She is going to be the best cuddlebug some lucky family or person has ever had!

11/12/20 Update:  Sweet Melee’s potential adoption did not occur. It was nothing Melee did, just bad timing. It’s still 2020, afterall. 🙂

So….Melee is back on watch for that special family!
She wants you to know the following:
*She loves to eat – meals, treats, snacks, extras, bring it all on!
*She loves to play – by herself or with our Norman, the wonder Chihuahua!
*She loves empty water bottles, Benebones, stuffed toys, socks, towels, shirts… anything she finds!
*She minds really well with a stern(ish) NO and proper direction.
*She loves attention and cuddling (which usually turns into playing!).
*She is super sweet and loves all humans, other dogs and even cats!
*She is working hard on potty training, but let’s face it folks, as many old and incontinent dogs as we have had and still have, it ain’t easy for her. She only pees and poos in one special spot inside, but I am working hard to help her find that special spot outdoors!
*She will flat out crack you up! She likes to turn her cots upside down and lay on them that way and flip her food bowl when she is finished. She is a hoot!
*She will give you all the love you can handle and then some! She is just a lovey!
Melee just needs that special person or family who understands that girls just gotta have fun! Small kids would be absolutely bowled over by her.
She is still adjusting to having one eye and if you are on that side of her, she can knock you down fast! Been there…. LOL!