6/12/2015 Update: Mercy was ADOPTED today!!! Mercy joins her forever family and will be spoiled rotten. Congratulations to the entire family.

Mercy is a 6 month old female puppy that weighs approximately 38 lbs. She is a total puppy, she loves all animals and humans of all sizes. She is a bundle of  energy that loves to explore her surroundings.:

Lord have Mercy! Have you seen how cute Mercy is?

This sweet, 6 month old pup was a bit down on her luck before she came into rescue; life hadn’t shown her to much mercy. Mercy was found dumped on the streets in Waco with three of her pals, and there’s no telling how long she’d been there or what she had to face all alone.

But then rescue came along and Mercy started to see the mercy that life had in store for her. For now, she’s on medical hold to get her demodex under control. Her coat is still in rough shape, but with her thrice weekly medicate baths, she’s on the right track and should be ready to go soon. Already, she’s had some severe malnourishment fixed, and had a respiratory infection cured.

And aside form the health issues that she developed from conquering the big scary world on her own. Mercy is starting to show some mercy of her own. She didn’t let those mean streets break her spirit, she is as excitable, loving and mischievous (in a good way) as any other puppy. Her foster mom is working on some training, she does well in a crate but is working on home and leash training.

Mercy loves all people and dogs (she hasn’t been tested around cats). She loves to play with anything you’ll let her play with and is pretty active for a bully. Her foster mom things she would do best is a home that can give her lots of attention, either by having someone home with her, have kids that can play with her, or both.

And one last thin, HOW CUTE ARE THOSE EARS?

If you want to be the one to show Mercy some mercy, fill out an application!

5/10/2015 Update: Mercy has had an event filled week and weekend.   Mercy is VERY food motivated and will do anything for food.  Her coat is coming in and I am beginning to see some distinct markings.  She has a small dot on her head…and she has two little patches of white coming up on her rump.  She is very good on bath day.  Don’t let that cute little petite nose fool you!!  She too is a BIG snore-er!  She is also very bulldog and definitely has a little stubborn streak to her.  You can tell her “NO” all you want….she just doesn’t care.

Someone pointed out to me that she looks like she is wearing eyeliner!    She has the distinct black “cat eye” liner!  I am still working on the house breaking.  She has not figured out how to ask to go outside except when she is in her crate.  I have to go outside with her as well.  I have been talking to her about “potty outside”.  She hasn’t figured it out yet.

Mercy will also go back to Dr. W this week to check on her progress and see if she is well enough to be spayed.

5/18/2015 update: Mercy went back to Dr. W and she had a NEGATIVE skin scrape!  No more demodex!!!  She will remain on the Ivermectin for 2 more weeks to make sure every single one of those stupid buggers is GONE.  She is doing so well that Dr. W is going to spay her on Wednesday.  I believe all the Fab Four kids are having their surgeries this week….so let’s keep them all in our prayers.

Mercy is just too cute!!  She is all puppy all of the time.  When her batteries are charged….she is non-stop into everything.  She loves to play fetch…and is learning tug-o-war.  She LOVES rope toys!  I have been trying to teach her high five….but she has the attention span of a doorknob.  She has better things to do so she will bark at me to give her the cookie so she can go about getting into trouble!  Mercy is VERY food motivated!  She is doing very well walking on a leash because she knows there is a treat coming to her.  When it comes to meal time, she is not so patient.  She will sit there and bark at me the entire time I am getting the meals ready.  She is a very smart and bright puppy and will do very well with a family that has the time to spend with her on her manners training. It would be so wonderful if she could go to a home with other dogs that like to play….as well as some kiddos to play with as well.  As you can see from all of her photos….she has come a long way to being a healthy, strong and wonderful little girl.

5/24/2015 Update: .Mercy was spayed on Wednesday the 20th.  We had a rough go for the first day and a half…but by this weekend she was back to normal.  Mercy does NOT like this limited activity business.  She just wants to bounce and play.  When she starts getting out of control I have to put her in her kennel and then she proceeds to have a major temper tantrum.  I have had to keep her and foster sister Piglet totally separated as they both are wanting to get into serious bulldog games.  The bad weather is also getting to all of us as the back yard is swampland and Mercy doesn’t care to get her feet wet.  Whatever this poor kid went through when she was dumped in the wilds of Waco has made her a little insecure about being outside alone or even with the other dogs.  She prefers for me to go outside with her and she keeps a very close eye on me so I can’t abandon her.  She has gotten quite used to her life of luxury.  She is very content to lay next to me in the chair and with a nice snuggle blanket and a stuffed toy.  Foster boy Gordon has also taught her the bad habit of being bossy when the meals are not being delivered fast enough.

6/7/2015 Update:Well….I am in my last couple of days before Mercy goes to her new home.  The last of the Fab Four to move on from their horrible beginnings….to a life filled with love and Mercy!  With the sun shining….and the temperatures climbing, it was time to break out the bully pool!  Mercy wasn’t too sure at first but with fun pool toys involved, she was all in!  I am going to miss my little scrapper and her antics.   Wednesday…I will have tears of Joy and tears of sadness.