Micah was ADOPTED!!!!Precocious  Micah has been adopted!!  He found the perfect furever family his foster mom was hoping for.  Micah will have two fur siblings and two active human boys to keep him busy and out of trouble.  Micah walked in the front door of his new home and went straight to the toy basket like he had lived there all his life.   After some intensive exploring and play time, Micah finally took a short break but never put down his new favorite ball.   This is wonderful news for Micah.  We are so happy for him and his new family!

Micah is a 4 month old puppy that weighs 20 lbs.

Micah joins Lone Star Bulldog Rescue as part of the Faithful 4. When Micah arrived he was the “nosey one” he was jumping over his brothers, running under them and trying to get everyone to play. Micah has joined his foster family so more details about this little guy will be coming soon.

6/21/2015 Update: Micah is a fun loving, curious, playful puppy.  He weighs in at 20 lbs and loves to wrestle and pull the ears of his litter mate.  He is in constant, wiggling motion all the time and doesn’t stop except when he is asleep.  He rides well in the car and loves to play outside.  The rain doesn’t seem to bother him at all and that is a good thing for potty breaks.

Micah is not crate trained or house trained, but we are working on that daily.  He was kept outside with his litter mates, so he has some indoor manners to learn.

Like his brother Peter, he had a big day this past Saturday.  He had his first vet visit and got a clean bill of health.  Afterwards he went to Hollywood Feed where he did very well with all the people and other dogs around.  Saturday was the first time he had on a collar and leash, and he did really well.

6/28/2015 Update:What can I say about Micah?   He is a mischievious, energetic, stubborn bully puppy.  One minute he is playing nicely with his sibling and the next he has started a full-on brawl.  He likes to point his paw and say his brother started it but I have seen him in action so I know who the instigator is.  Micah is a master manipulator too.  When he is reprimanded, he looks at you with those sweet puppy dog eyes and all is forgiven.  How can you resist that face?  Micah is cute and he knows how to use it.

Micah will need an energetic family that will be very patient with his antics.  A bored Micah results in destruction.  He loves wood and is not picky….that includes sticks, doors, paneling….you get the picture.  Micah is an equal opportunity chewer.

Micah loves playing outside in the grass and drinking water from the garden hose.  He is all about having fun.   If you don’t keep him busy, he will entertain himself and he won’t care if you approve or not.   Micah is a smart boy and what Micah wants, Micah takes.  Is he the bully for you?  Stay tuned to find out more.

Micah is ever alert and is the dutiful, protective watch dog.  He will be the first to start barking at perceived threats (like the dryer) and the last to stop.   Stay tuned for more on this playful pup.

7/5/2015 Update: Since his brother has been benched from wrestling due to his recent surgery, Micah has been hanging out with the other fur babies in the house or entertaining himself with balls,  sticks,  bugs and freshly mowed grass.  He also has recently discovered toys with plastic bottles in them.  These will keep his attention for at least 30 minutes.  Micah’s potty training continues to progress at a snail’s pace, although he got a gold star today for no accidents in his crate last night!  Micah enjoys his life and can’t wait to get an energetic, patient family of his own to play with.

7/18/2015 Update: Micah was neutered this week and has been taking it easy.  His recovery has slowed him down a bit, but I don’t expect that to last long.  He’ll be back to being his playful puppy self in no time.  His brother was adopted this week and I think Micah is missing him so this sweet boy will be getting extra attention, toys and treats from his foster family to help fill the gap.  Micah is waiting for his perfect furever family and hopes to meet you soon!