Molly was ADOPTED today!!!  Today was a big day today as Patrick drove all the way up from Katy morning to meet Molly.  Molly put on her best grumpy self when he first arrived and let him know that she was boss and no one was going to get near her Foster Mama.  Patrick and friend sat on the sofa while Molly sat on the chair with me and barked at them.  First thing I did was let Patrick read the two page letter that Molly’s original Mom wrote when Molly was surrendered to rescue.  I wanted him to know how much Molly was loved and that it was a very hard decision for her former family to let her go.

We all know how much Molly loves her walks so I told Patrick to go get Molly’s harness. When she saw him with her harness, he was INSTANTLY her new BFF!  She was jumping all over him to get into her harness so they could go for a walk.  So out the door they went together….and in their short walk on this hot July afternoon they fell in love.  Now Molly has a new Daddy and is on her way to Katy with her now 5 B’s!  She packed her Bag full of goodies and gathered her Bed, Bowl, Bone and Blankies.  With Patrick’s assistance….she loaded up in her new Daddy’s pickup and didn’t even look back at me to say goodbye!  Molly’s new Daddy is a school teacher so they have several weeks to bond before Daddy goes back to work.

Patrick is very excited and I know that they are just meant for each other.  Just look at how ADORABULL they are all together!!!

Molly is a 4 yr. old female that weighs 65lbs.

Molly joins Lone Star Bulldog Rescue after a change in her living conditions. She arrived from a very loving home with a car full of toys, shots, records complete. She was raised with other dogs, kids and is potty trained. She is ready to start the next chapter with a loving family that she can call her very own.

6/7/2015 Update: Molly is a dream bulldog. She is zero probl6/15/2015 ems to love. Molly loves all the bulldogs and nothing upsets her. Molly prefers to not be noticed, she prefers to observe with a watchful eye and eat when no one else is around. Molly so far will not come when called and requires a leash to move her from room to room.  Molly’s previous owner was in her 80’s and Molly is happiest in a quite, calm environment.  Molly has zero Interest playing a with other bulldogs or toys. She is the quite one.


  1. Molly LOVES to go for walks!!!  If you take Molly for a walk…she will very quickly take care of her business and then is ready to explore and you had better keep up!!
  2. Molly LOVES to go for car rides!!!  Even if it is just around the block….take Molly for a ride to cheer her up!
  3. Molly LOVES her bed….and no other dog is allowed near it!
  4. Molly LOVES Gordon.  He is a little flirty with him.
  5. Molly LOVES to play in the garden hose.  Please see attached video.  BUT…..
  6. Molly HATES the rain!!  She will not get off the back porch….and she will hold it until it stops or the desperate foster parent who is late for work must pretend they are going for a walk and take her out the front door on a leash and hold the umbrella over her.
  7. Molly LOVES real meat treats.  Beef jerky…dehydrated organs…..salmon…..please don’t even bother giving Molly a dog biscuit….so beneath her.
  8. Molly LOVES lots of kisses and being told how beautiful she is.
  9. Molly LOVE to sit next to me and watch TV.
  10. Molly LOVES for me to read to her.  She will allow me to sit in my chair and read as long as I read it to her.  She looks up at me with a very content smile.

Molly would be a great dog for someone who lives in an apartment or condo because she is so healthy and prefers going on walks over playing a back yard.  Molly is VERY housebroken.  She needs no crate and doesn’t need to be confined to a room.  All she needs is her bed, her bone and a little bit of music playing. She is quiet during the day and will just sit in her dog bed and wait for you to come home.  She will greet you at the door with a wagging tail and a smile!

Molly was VERY loved it shows.  She is a bit of a diva….but is a most agreeable and sweet girl

6/21/2015 Update: Molly has definitely come out of her shell!  She no longer prefers to be in her room, and needs to be wherever I am.  She has learned from Gordon about being bossy at meal time.  She still doesn’t play much, but she is all about getting the loving and the snuggling.  She is so content to sit and watch the TV with me.  Molly is a wonderful sweet girl that just wants someone to hang out with.  She would be an awesome dog for someone who is living in an apartment or condo.  She is quiet all day long lounging her her bed and really doesn’t care much about going out to the back yard.  Molly would rather be walked.  When she sees her harness, she starts to do the bulldog version of twirking!  Not only does the tail wag, but the whole back end shakes in every direction!  I take Molly for her walks in the morning and when I get home….and she takes care of all of her business almost immediately so that she can enjoy the rest of her walk.  Our evening walk is always very short because of the heat.  When Molly starts to slow down, I know it is time to turn around and head back.

Molly is 100% house broken and does not need a crate.  Yesterday I did have repairman at the house and I did have to put her in a room with a baby gate.  Molly definitely needs to be an only dog.  She must be the queen of the castle….but you couldn’t ask for a better behaved bulldog!!

7/2/2015 Update: HEWWOOOOO!!!  It’s me….Mowwy!  Is anybully out there??  I just wondering if anyone is intewested in a sweet luvabull couch potato??  I am a REALLY good girl!!  I don’t need to stay in a crate, I don’t potty or poo in the house…I am pretty dang sweet and I just looking for someone to bring me home so I can be your one and only!  I would be great fit for someone who wants a snuggly soft girl to go on long walks with and to take on car rides!  I love both!  You just show me my harness….and I am ready to go anyplace you want!  I would be a great fit for a single gal living in an apartment.  I can wait for you to get home and when you do we can go for a walk.  I get my business done pretty quick so that we can just relax and enjoy the rest of the walk.  Then when we get home we can have a nice meal and settle in on the sofa to watch some chick flicks!!

Single dudes…you can apply too!  I like sitting and watching sports as much as I like sitting and watching movies!!!  And guess what single guys??  Girls really dig guys with cute dogs!  I can be pretty darn cute.

How about you peoples of a little advanced age?  I am so easy going….I am not a rough housing bulldog jumping around on you or other people!  I am pretty easy going and just care about my walks and time with my human!

Plain and simple…I am just a really good girl!  I’m house trained and don’t get in any trouble!  So you don’t have to have a big old crate taking up valuable real estate in your home.  Just let me chill out and keep an eye on things while you are away.  I come with all the 4 B’s!  I got my bed, my blanket, my bowl and my bone!  You don’t have to buy me anything…just move me and my things in.

7/5/2015 Update: Molly has had an eventful week with 4th of July things going on!  Frustrated that afternoon walks have been cut short due to it just being too dang hot….I have found other ways to make Molly happy.  Our day begins with going out to get the newspaper.  By the time we get to the end of the drive to retrieve the paper, Molly has taken care of all her business and is ready for her breakfast.  Don’t ask Molly to bring the newspaper in….she has made it clear without a shadow of a doubt that she is a Bulldog and NOT an Retriever!!  When I get home in the evening we take another brief walk up to the end of the drive and back.  Molly get’s very disappointed with the short walk, so I load her up in the car and we drive to the front of the subdivision to the community mailbox and then drive completely around the cul-de-sac.  This make Molly a very happy girl!  Anything for a car ride!!!  Molly had a great holiday weekend playing in the water hose and baby pool…..and crashing on the sofa for afternoon naps!

Molly cracks me up when she is just sitting relaxing….she sits back on her hips with her back legs sticking way out in front of her like a little person!

Molly is a very good girl who knows basic commands, completely house trained and doesn’t chew on anything that is now hers.

Do you like to take afternoon naps???  Molly would love to join you on the sofa!!!

Would you just love to have a really good dog???  Then apply for me…..Molly!!!