Momma Bear (Bella Rose)

Momma Bear (Bella Rose)

Momma Bear was ADOPTED!!!! Momma Bear will now be Bella Rose. Bella Rose hit the JACKPOT, her forever family consists of 6 fur sisters, YES, you read that correctly, 6 bulldog sisters. Bella Rose will want for nothing. Congrats to the entire family.

Please welcome Momma Bear to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family

5/1/2015 update: This love bug was born 2/14/13 and is 46 pounds of pure sweetness. Her owners surrendered her today, knowing that we could provide her the care and treatment she needed. Momma Bear was struck by a car yesterday and broke her leg. Our volunteer picked her up at the local emergency animal hospital and transported her to Dr. W, where she will receive the best care.  Momma Bear had to have surgery to correct a broken leg (5 breaks). She is at her foster home now and resting, getting ready to start her journey to find a forever home.

5/14/2015 Update from Momma Bear’s foster momma. Momma Bear is doing really well. This last week she has had more spunk than ever, which is great thing for watching her personality emerge, but a hard thing when trying to keep her calm on bed rest. She still has 8 weeks of resting and no intense play. I like her to get play time so I sit in her play pen with her and hold the toys while she chews on them. I’m probably creating a prince/diva, but that is ok. I would not have it any other way.

5/31/2015 Update: Momma Bear is very happy that it did not rain today. We were able to spend some time in the yard and enjoy the nice weather. Momma Bear did a little sunbathing.

6/28/2015 Update: Momma Bear is a little country and a little diva all rolled into one tiny little bulldog! She keeps us laughing all the time. This week she had her doctor appointment with her surgeon and he gave her 6 more weeks of rest. She was NOT happy about it but to keep her spirits up we went to the doggie park. She sat in her green wagon and enjoyed the shade while everyone pampered her! Momma bear loves to give lots of kisses and attitude when it’s time to go into her playpen, but we tell her, “Doctor’s order!” She gets along great with Garth Brooks and her 100+ lb brothers, Atlas and Arko. This girl loves to tip toe past the boy’s room, engage in playtime and follow her foster dad EVERYWHERE! She is not a fan of when he leaves for work but we always have cuddle time and that makes her feel better until he comes home. Momma bear is a complete joy to have when you only have boys in the house. I finally was able to buy pink things.

7/12/2015 Update: Momma Bear (now named Bella Rose) given to her by her adoptive family. Is doing wonderful! She gets around great with resting her leg when it tires. We are awaiting her leg surgeon’s office to receive their August calendar so that we can make our follow up appointment and once we do that we will see what the doctor has to say about her healing. She spends long hours napping in her play-pin, in the lounge chair or on the sofa with her foster dad. She is such a daddy’s girl and any man that meets her she falls in love with immediately. She is no stranger to anyone. Bella Rose loves all dogs, humans, and snoozing. The things Bella Rose loves are, sunbathing, snoozing, snooze sunbathing and her foster dad.

7/18/2015 Update: This little girl is so amazingly sweet and precious! Still a daddy’s girl full and through but will snuggle with mom when dad’s at work. She loves to be loved on and chew on her toys. This week Bella Rose enjoyed lots of naps and rest (still doctors orders!). We call the leg surgeon tomorrow morning to see if they have their August schedule so we can set up her follow up appointment. She is getting stronger each day and using her left leg a little more and more! Bella helped her dad and I in the yard, well she hung out in her playpen while we did all the hard work.