Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa has been adopted! She is now part of a wonderful family that is going to give her all the love and attention she can handle!

Mona Lisa has rejoined Rescue. It is always sad when one of our dogs comes back. But is not always their fault. Sometimes things are just beyond their control. This girl is still as sweet as ever!

Please welcome three year old Mona Lisa to Rescue. Mona Lisa is recently retired from a breeding program and is ready to start a new life. This Mona Lisa also has an immortal smile that will melt your heart!

8/16/16 Update:  We picked up Mona Lisa from Dr. W on Thursday, and she is just the sweetest little girl! She absolutely loves attention, and follows us around wherever we go. She’s still rather young and her legs are bow legged, but she can get around pretty well. Mona Lisa has so much love to give, and is an absolute delight to have as a house guest. Please stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about her in the coming weeks.

8/23/16 Update:  Mona Lisa is just the sweetest little bully! She was shy and a little timid at first, but once she got to know her surroundings, she’s become best friends with our two bulldogs, Lola and Rico. Mona Lisa is very quiet! We’ve heard her bark once in the two weeks she’s been with us. Her playful personality has started to come out over the last couple days. She seems to be just fine with sharing toys, and hasn’t shown any sign of toy aggression so far. Her house training and crate training are good, not great, but she has already improved a lot in the short time we’ve had her. The only thing we’ve found so far that she is scared of is rain/storms. During storms, she gets a little shaky and just needs to be around others. Please stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about this sweet little bully.

8/1/16 Update:  Mona Lisa has been getting along very well with our two bullies, and has recently started to show her playful side. Her manners are improving greatly, and is doing so much better on her house training. She absolutely loves to be around us at every moment. One of her favorite things to do is take a nap on our lap. We did finally hear her actively bark… not at the doorbell or the vacuum, but at the neighbor kids jumping on a trampoline. Other than that, she is VERY quiet. Mona Lisa is an absolute delight to have around the house. She has so much love to give and is ready to meet her furever family!

8/6/16 Update:  Mona Lisa continues to steal our hearts. She had another great week, and is getting along great with her foster fur brother and fur sister. Mona Lisa has a very easy going personality. She absolutely craves attention, and as long as we’re paying attention to her, she’s the happiest bully around.

8/15/17 Update:  Mona Lisa is 4 years old, healthy, current on all shots, and not on any daily medications. Really low maintenance when compared to many other bulldogs. She loves to be around people and other dogs. Mona Lisa loves car rides, and a good lap to take a nap in. She is doing really well at her house training, but not quite 100%. She does have a fear of thunderstorms and loud noise, so we believe she would be best in a furever family without small children. Please stay tuned for more updates on this sweet girl.