Mr. Buster

Mr. Buster

Poor Mr. Buster has bounced around a bit, so we’re looking forward to finding him some stability.

His original family moved out of state and couldn’t fly him, so they gave him to their housekeeper. The housekeeper apparently didn’t take great care of him….. and may have even left him outside. He then was left in the previous owner’s vacant house. A door had been left open, so he could go outside to potty, but that must have blown shut.

A real estate agent found him, after going to the house to show it to a prospective buyer. The agent walked in and found the dog in the home alone with his bed, food and, of course, some poop. He was probably free feeding, which explains why he’s a bit fat. I mean, big boned.

The sweet woman who surrendered him is also a real estate agent… She agreed to take the dog in after he was found abandoned. She and her family loved him, but Mr. Buster has an obsession with the neighbor’s horses/livestock and it wouldn’t be feasible to build a fence. Poor Mr. Buster got kicked once, and thankfully, it wasn’t too detrimental.

Mr. Buster is four years old and weighs 78 pounds. He’s probably not going to be a fan of his foster parents’ diet routine….but this dude is BEEFY and we want to ensure he has a healthy future!

He lived with two Boston Terriers previously… the surrendering owner says he did well, he just didn’t know his size. She said he would get upset if one of the Bostons pushed him too much. We’re evaluating that now, along with some possible food aggression/guarding issues.

The surrendering owner says he loves car rides and was gentle with her toddler grandson. So far, he’s really enjoying his evening walks. On the other hand, he doesn’t enjoy his foster momma singing Olivia Newton’s “Let’s Get Physical” every time they do so.

Mr Buster will come neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and on heartworm preventative. His adoption fee is $550.