6/7/2015 Update:Noah was ADOPTED today!!!!Today is a sad and joyful day for us and Noah. We say our “see ya soons” to little Noah. He is our first foster baby and will always have a piece of our hearts. Noah knows soon he will be with his furever family and brother Jonah. We can’t tell you how excited we are that these two will be together forever. This week we wanted to make sure we did some pretty fun things. He started his week off by helping with the plumbing in our guest bath. He did an excellent job by the way! Anyone need a plumber call Noah! He said “you just gots to lick the dripping pipe and all fixed!” We checked out the dog park which had a splash pad. For a pup who strongly dislikes going potty outside when it rains, he loved drinking the water coming out of the ground and letting it hit his face. 🙂 He met some new fur friends and the social butterfly he is, made sure to say hi to every human! This week we made one last stop at Dr. W’s and got a great clean bill of health! Dr. W, Kim and Kelly loved his progress and were just as excited as we are that Jonah and Noah will be together. We wanted to have a going away pawty here at the house for Noah. We checked out Three Dog Bakery and brought home everyone a cookie! Boy oh boy did they love them!:) We also had a cake made for Noah and Jonah’s adoption day. This will be a day the boys will remember forever. Thank you to everyone that helped rescue the Fab 4 and allowed us to be a part of Noah’s life! We will always love you Noah! Come visit anytime! 🙂

Noah is approximately 6 months old. He weighs 45lbs and growing. He loves all dogs and humans.

5/17/2015 Update: Noah has had yet another exciting week! This little guy is so happy and enjoys life so much it’s absolutely amazing to see each and every day. This week we began with our trip to the farm for Mother’s Day came to an end but what a great time we all had! Noah LOVES wrestling with his brothers and just running around, then napping A LOT! But I guess that’s the country lifestyle, so he has it down. He was definitely ready to be back home once we made the trip back. He is an awesome traveler and slept the entire car ride. We had his cherry eye removal and neuter surgery this week and WOW! Not only did Dr. W’s office take amazing care of him but this guy was hoping around like nothing ever happened lol. Recovery is going extremely well and Dr. W released him for adoption. Yaaaay, Noah!!!! He even helped his foster dad out this week brewing beer! Noah is such a sweet sweet soul and has his stubborn bully-ness to a T. He found his new favorite show to watch is the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan. Afterwards he had to take a nap from all the things he learned 😉 He walks great on a leash, his coat is coming in nicely and we see more and more red patches of fur everyday, we are working on potty training but he is the perfect pup. He will definitely make a family very happy!

5/23/2015 Update:Noah is doing great and can’t wait to be with his furever family in just a couple of weeks. He met them on Monday evening and was reunited with Jonah. It was such a great site with lots of butt wiggles, puppy kisses and sniffs! Noah and Jonah are two peas in a pod. Noah loved his new family and is so excited that his brother Jonah will be by his side. Noah gets better and better everyday with his manners but potty training is coming along slowly but surely! Noah’s cherry eye and neuter surgery are healing great.

5/31/2015 Update:It’s been a great week for Noah! He is doing really good with potty training and is getting better at alerting when it’s time to go handle business! This week we had some home improvement projects going on, so Garth and Noah went to the Home Depot’s and Lowes in and around town. They are pretty much Celebrities now! EVERYONE wanted to pet and belly rub them. They didn’t miss a person. Noah rolled over on his back for anyone that would scratch his tummy. We are so happy to see the sun shine today and boy oh boy did we enjoy it with lots of playtime. Noah will be adopted this coming weekend and go spend the rest of his life with his forever family and his brother Jonah. We couldn’t have asked for a better beginning of these two furbaby’s lives.