Olivia has been Adopted!!  So excited as she begins a new stage in her life.


Olivia is a 9 yr. old female that weighs 60 lbs.

Olivia and Newton joined Lone Star Bulldog Rescue together as a bonded pair. They were part of a cruelty and neglect seizure. Both are blind from years of untreated eye infections. The pair hears footsteps and immediately start following you. They were used as a breeding pair right up to their ticket to freedom. Olivia doesn’t respond to Newton’s advances anymore (except for a quick snap) But make no mistake, these two love one another and will stand close to each other leaning on the other for support.

The pair is currently at the clinic being checked for additional issues that might need to be treated. After that they will join their foster family. More details to come for this adorable senior pair.

6/21/2015 Update:Olivia and Newton are simply the most adorable senior bully buddys ever!   Olivia is a soft, fluffy pile of mush who relishes every touch she receives.  She will paw you for more and more.  She loves to give kisses and have her belly rubbed.   Newton is a hard, bristly old curmudgeon who still manages to steal your heart with his crazy eyes (they shift back and forth constantly!) and his weird ways.   They are not underweight, so they were being fed regularly, but it is obvious that they were not being cared for the way they should have been.  They are currently residing in our master bathroom (which is awaiting total reno shortly) and get to venture as far as the master bedroom.  The first morning, I found Newton sleeping in pee and poop and Olivia sleeping with her nose 1 inch from poop.  Argg and yikes!   They now know they will be taken outside to the courtyard off of our bedroom to potty, so each day we see improvement.  They still pee on towels and bedding, but at least poop by the door if I am not home (or quick enough).  Each day I know they get better at it as they get more comfortable!  They are good with all other dogs, but sweet Olivia is so curious that she is totally annoying Harley the pug and Coco the Chihuahua by tailing them around and around and around (you get the picture) the room constantly.  She just wants them to be still and let her sniff them!   Newton just wanders around aimlessly and loves to hide under the bed (I knew he was a troll!).  He likes to investigate and eat treats.  Neither one of these precious gems can see worth a toot, so they are quite the pair.  Talk about the blind leading the blind……..they crack us up endlessly!   They know we love them and will take care of them and they already know their routine.  They wait for meds and treats like we have been doing it for years!  Such sweeties!  They take all meds like champs and eat like horses!  They do need to be separated while eating as Newton gets very upset if Olivia is near him and will growl if he even thinks she is looking at his food.  They follow us around while we are in the room and want to go explore the rest of the house…….but I prefer to let them take it slow and meet my furries one at a time.  So far, Boomer is the only one who seems upset by their presence (momma’s boy!), but he will get past it.  They are so submissive to others that he will have to give up sooner or later!   Besides that, I will squirt him with the dreaded water bottle!  Ha!  At any rate, these two are proving to be a blessing and reminder of just how loving and resilient these sweet bully babies are.

6/28/2015 Update: Olivia and Newton have just returned from a visit to the clinic as they both had coughing issues……Newton was getting worse each day. It seems they both have a form of kennel cough. They are now on medication and hopefully they will recover very soon. They are the sweetest bonded pair and you do not see one without the other. Olivia sticks up for Newton when anyone gets to close to him and takes care of him when he coughs (which is why she is now sick too). They are adorable. Newton is more social and loves to be where the people are, while Olivia is more laid back and prefers to stay in their room and nap. They cannot possibly be petted enough or eat enough. There are toing to be resting and recovering this week, while their foster parents will be petting and feeding them.

If you have a place in your heart for senior bulldogs and could open your home/heart to two souls that just need to be loved and made feel special, please fill out an application.

11/15/2015 Update:  Olivia and Newton are both doing quite well these days.  They have us well trained now and life is good.  I am proud to say that Olivia will let me sit on the floor and pet her, roll her on her back for tummy scratching and even hold her in my lap with no growling and snarling.  She is such a sweetheart and wants the loving so badly.  I am glad she is allowing herself to accept it.   Newton is the total opposite.  He is an attention, petting and treat hog of the highest level!   He has no fear of anything or anyone!  He is a sneaky little Ninja that appears whenever food is involved.  He allows me to brush his crooked little teeth and basically anything else he needs done as long as a treat is involved at the end.  They are quite the pair of little opposites that complement each other perfectly.   They bring a tremendous amount of joy to our lives.  To see them continue to evolve and thrive is a blessing indeed.  They may be older, but they have personality plus going for them.  I so wish they could tell me their stories……….or maybe not!