Please welcome O’Neil to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. Picked up as a stray, O’Neil needs to be neutered, get a bath and have some skin issues treated, but so far, this is one great guy!

1/3/16 Update: O’Neil looks sooo much better following his treatments. He is like a new dog and he is loving it!

1/10/16 Update:  We welcomed O’Neil Wednesday morning to our home!  He does not answer to O’Neil, Oh, Neil or anything close so we call him Bubba because it makes sense when I have seven other dogs and I can’t keep their names straight either!   So, Bubba O’Neil has some skin issues that he is still on antibiotics and steroids for. (Code for stinky bulldog) He was recently neutered so he still feels the need to let everyone know where he’s been even if that happens to be the corner of the couch or the table leg.  It seems Bubba O’Neil has used a doggy door before and can slip in to pee on every surface before you can get through the door!  We have some work to do.  Thankfully, he is young and treat motivated.  He gets along with the rest of the pack at my house and has been introduced to the 1yr old that is here during the week.  He is a tall bully who can be a little excitable still so older, respectful children only.

More from the new adventures of Bubba O’Neil next week!!

1/24/16 Update:  O’Neil LOVED his outing to Hollywood Feed yesterday!!  He wanted everyone to see that he had worked so hard on his manners and EVERYONE he came in contact with he politely sat in front of to let them know that he was sitting waiting for attention or treats or both because he has learned that good bully boys get both when they sit!!  He loved every bully there, even the ones who snarled and growled at him!  He charmed a wonderful dad and daughter into buying him a beautiful new harness so he wouldn’t have to wear a collar/leash to give his skin on his neck time to heal.  We are still working on clearing up his skin issues, and O’Neil thought if he tried every dog bone or dog chew available in the open bins in the store his skin would get better!  He was on a mission to do just that so we had to stay away from that aisle!  We still have a little work to do in the house training, but he has made great improvement in a short amount of time.  His manners are soooo much better.  He does need to learn that just because he smells food on a kitchen counter does not mean he should then try to climb onto that kitchen counter.  We understand he’s a growing bully!  O’Neil still doesn’t answer to his name, or Bubba, or Neil, or Big Boy (that’s our new one) but he is very treat motivated so we may just start calling him something that sounds like treat!  We think Big Boy Bubba O’Neil will do great in any home as long as he has people who will continue to spend time with him, and love him, and  show this puppy acting sweet bully how great life should be!!  

2/1/16 Update:  Happy, Happy, Oh, so happy news for my BIG love bug O’Neil!!!  His good manners at Hollywood Feed snagged his Furever Family’s hearts!!  He met their daughters this past Saturday and became instant BFF’s with their six year old who led him around Petsmart like a seasoned, pro dog walker!!

We are waiting a week on his adoption to wean him off of steroids and to finish his antibiotics.  We will re-evaluate his skin at that time. We don’t want to overwhelm this family with two young girls with a new bulldog and skin issues all at the same time.  We believe they will have no problem taking care of any future issues that arise concerning O’Neil’s health, but we feel it best to ease them into a new rescue as this is their first bulldog.

So, if everyone will keep O’Neil in your positive thought folder and even your prayers that this guy’s skin issues are quickly healing and become a thing of the past so he can be adopted soon by his Furever Family, the Clark’s, as they are waiting on him to get well!!!

2/22/16 Update:  It looks like O’Neil will be adopted this coming Friday!  Woo Hoo!  His furever family has been patiently waiting for this sweet boy’s skin to get better, and we are finally on the right combination of meds!  His family is ready with a new kennel, toys, and his new, personalized collar!