Paisley has been adopted! From her foster pops: My poor little hairless girl has been turned into the princess I knew she would become. What I did not realize is that a handsome prince would come along so soon and sweep her off her feet and out of my house. Today was that day. Her new mom and dad love her deeply and she loves them. She has her new prince wrapped around her little paw! When they arrived today and I opened the door, she ran across the yard right up to her new prince. I knew it was time to let her go. It was the most difficult adoption I have ever had.

But it has been such a blessing to see her grow and flourish. I will certainly miss her, but it is time for her to bless the lives of others as she has blessed mine.

Please welcome Paisley to rescue !  Hi all, it’s me Paisley and I am just a baby with some really bad needs.  I don’t know what I thought my life was going to be, maybe wonderful, pampered,  living in the home with a family that loved me?  That was really my dream! Dreams die hard, neglect steps in, and somehow somewhere along the way someone forgot to take care of me.  I can count the hairs left on my body on all my toes, I have scratched holes in my skin from my skin feeling like someone set me on fire. I have sores on my face, my neck and well, other private places.  My 1st stop today was Mutt Puddle in Allen where they treated my like a princess while I bucked like a bull because water and medicated shampoo was foreign to me. One person bathed me while one person pulled ticks out of my ears. Not one person said I was ugly, or scary or was afraid to touch me, but they did say “Paisley you really really smell bad. Let’s leave this shampoo on you for a while !”  Well folks this is Paisley checking in from finally being rescued and finally having the hope of finding that family that treats me like the princess I was born to be.

We’ll post more details when we receive them. For now, please think good thoughts for her as she begins her journey back to health. We can report that she is heartworm negative but does have a severe case of demodex mange.

7/2/17 Update:  Princess Paisley really prefers being a tomboy. She loves to run and jump and is an outstanding athlete. You have never seen a Bulldog who could jump so high. But like all good athletes, she needs more training and discipline. But the good thing is she has the determination to do whatever she needs to do to improve her skills and please her coach. Like many young athletes, she first needs to work on a few bad habits she has developed while not being trained.

She was spayed Thursday and came home with me yesterday. So slowly we are beginning her training routine. Her skin looks much better and healthier. She already walks well on a leash. She had one mistake in the house yesterday, but has been waiting to go outside every other time. Her biggest challenge right now is learning how to control her high energy and channel it in the right direction. It will take some work, but soon the tomboy will be the belle of the ball she was born to be.

7/9/17 Update:  Princess Paisley is looking more like a princess every day. She received a special pink paisley collar and leash from our friends at P Dawg Accessories. It makes her look and feel like the princess she is destined to become! This week was both good and bad. The bad was a UTI that caused the need for a vet visit and some antibiotics. It also has set back our potty training a little. It is hard to work with a little girl who feels the need to go every 15 minutes. The good was obvious. She is starting to grow more hair and gain a little weight. Her energy level is improving as her is rambunctious behavior. She and Moose could spend countless hours running, playing and wrestling together. But she has also discovered how to play by herself as you can see by the video of her playing with a small stuffed bumblebee. She just wants to be loved, enjoy her young life, and be transformed into the beautiful princess we know she will become.

7/24/17 Update:   Paisley continues to blossom into a princess. She is much calmer and continues to work hard on her manners. She is learning to sit patiently for her treats and to not jump up on everyone. She still makes some mistakes in the house or her crate, but she goes outside most of the time now. But the best improvement is in her appearance. Her hair is really growing and the bald spots are filling in. In another month she will be as good was new. And by that time, her behavior should be where it needs to be.

I will be sad to see this little girl go, but some lucky family will be very blessed to add her to their family.