Parker joined rescue today when her family took her to the vet and could not afford her treatment.  The family then decided to have Parker euthanized, however the GREAT staff at Keller Animal Clinic did not let that happen. They call LSBCR and Parker is now safe. Parker has demodex  mange that will require daily oral medication and medicated baths every couple of days to help her skin heal. She is currently at the clinic to determine what is the best course of treatments. She will then join her foster family to begin the rest of her new life.

10/25/2015 Update: I picked Parker up on Thursday after work and worked from home on Friday so I could be with her all day.  As a foster mom, Parker is absolutely the hardest situation I have dealt with.  I thought that after successfully fostering Mercy of the “Fab Four” that I could handle Parker.  To me, Parker is in much worse shape then Mercy was.  Poor baby can barely stand to be touched because it is just painful to her.  It is mostly around her rear and back that she can’t handle touch.  I can feel every vertebrae in her back and all her ribs.  I have found that she loves to be pet behind her ears and under her chin and belly.  She is hungry all the time and is getting 4 meals a day with raw goats milk and fermented fish stock.  She also is getting lots of yummy nutritious treats.

Despite all that this pour little kiddo has gone through, she is full of energy and spunk!  She is absolutely pure puppy!  She just wants to get out and do some serious bulldog wrestling with her foster sister Piglet.  I let them play a little bit but have to ask Piglet to be easy so that she doesn’t scratch her little sister.  Piglet has been an absolute angel with Parker.  When she is not playing with her then she is kissing on Parker and trying to take care of some of her boo boos.  Parker has some sores where she has scratched herself because she just itches from the demodex.  I was able to get after her toenails after her medicated bath so hopefully this will help.  Piglet loves her new little foster sister and is taking on part of the responsibility of taking care of her.
Parker loves for me to talk to her and tell her how pretty she is and that she is a very good girl.  She gets the biggest smile on her face.  We work on her potty training and continue to feed her 4 meals a day, medicated baths every other day and most importantly….lots and lots of love and praise.
Please continue to keep Parker in your prayers for physical and emotional healing.
11/1/2015 Update:  Little Parker Piggy is coming WAY out of her shell and she is ALL puppy!! She and big sister Piglet just had a great time this weekend hanging out in the chair playing with toys….and chewing up a pair of mom’s good heels!  Each girl had a shoe and I know that Piglet was the mastermind behind the great shoe heist!  Despite the rain all day on Saturday, Parker had not one single accident in the house or in her crate.  Before I could not even get her to go outside when it was raining.  I believe that she now knows that she will not be left outside ever again
I am constantly telling Parker how cute and pretty she is and that she is going to be a nugget just like her big sister Piglet.  She loves it.  She is becoming more confident every day.  She no longer crawls on her belly when she comes to me and is getting much better about not shying away when I go to pet her.
Of course she still has lots of weight to gain and we are working on that.  She is still getting 4 meals a day and lots of yummy raw goat milk.

She still has some “crusties” but that gets better with every bath.  As you can see by the photos….HER HAIR IS COMING BACK!!  I knew that she was going to be mostly white….but didn’t know what color her markings would be.  I am squealing with joy that she is white with BRINDLE!  She is Piglet’s “Mini Me”.  The two have become pretty much inseparable!

We will continue to work on her gaining weight and strength and she will go back to Dr. W in a couple of weeks for check on her medical progress.

11/8/2015 Update: Howdy Bulldog Nation!!  It’s me, Parker!  Thank you all for all of the love and prayers that you have poured over me!  I finally know what unconditional love is!  From the very first day I came into this place called a foster home, this person called “Foster Ma” has done nothing but kiss and hug me and tell me how beautiful I am.  I didn’t know why she would do that because I didn’t feel very pretty.  I smelled terrible and was covered in yucky crusty stuff.  But she didn’t care.  She wrapped me up in a soft warm blankie and told me I would always be loved.

Today I am feeling great!  I get 4 delicious warm meals a day!  FOUR!  I can’t believe it.  I was so hungry when I first came here, and I still am!  Foster Ma says she is going to fatten me up just like my foster sister Piglet!  She says someday I am going to be a fat little piggy too!  I can’t wait cause I am tired of my bones sticking out.  These bones are not very comfortable to lay on and I am looking forward to a little cushy on my tushy!
My potty training is coming along.  Foster Ma says I am getting much better about it, but she said something about me needing to use my words.  Since I came here, I haven’t said not a single word.  I don’t cry or whine and I don’t bark and complain.  Why should I?  I am living the good life here!  I am so happy and content that I just don’t see a reason…until last night!  See, when I went outside I was so busy playing I forgot to take care of my bizniz.  Then Foster Ma opened the door and called us all in for supper.  I went in my crate like a good girl and gobbled down my food.  But then it hit me, and I really had to go so I let out a big ole bark!  I normally take a little nappy after my belly is all full, but I had a problem and I let her know.  So she opened the door to my bed, and I ran to the back door.  She let me out and I did my bizniz outside….like a good girl should.
I never knew how good life could be!  I didn’t know love….only pure neglect.  I now know what love is.  I feel it coming from everywhere.
Thank you again to everyone out there for your love, prayers and the lovely gifts that I have received!  I got a nice soft shirt and a warm cozy blankie!  My Foster Ma says it is nothing but love and blessings for the rest of my life!  Love is good!

1/14/16 Update:  Parker was spayed last Thursday and hasn’t missed a beat.  Hard to keep this crazy girl down now that she is a strong, healthy crazy puppy!  She made it out to Hollywood Feed Mansfield to meet a few folks and sucked up all the attention she could.  Getting photos of Parker is absolutely impossible because they are all just a blur!  She is too busy to sit still for photographs.

I owe so much credit to Piglet for helping Parker become the confident, strong bossy bulldog that she is now!  Piglet showed her by example how to become a demanding spoiled rotten divabull!!!

I am currently preparing myself for Parker’s departure to her furever home.  Every time I think about it I start to get emotional.  This one is going to be harder to let go of then my very first foster.  She has come such a long way, and I am so blessed to have had her.  I have learned so much about patience and grace.  We have both grown and healed emotionally and physically over the past 3 months.  She is now a better bulldog and I believe that the patience and grace that she has taught me has made me a better person.