Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline has been adopted! From her foster momma: After months of prayers and patience, Miss Patsy found her happy place. When her momma walked in and Patsy realized she was there, she took off running and jumped right into her momma’s arms. It was the cutest moment, and we knew she truly found her family. She will go on to live a life of never wanting for a thing. We appreciate everyone who helped make this possible and we are so thrilled Jennifer and Patsy will live happily ever after.

Patsy Cline joined our rescue family today! If Patsy Cline looks happy, it is because she is. Patsy is 5 years old, has been bred five times, has five C-section scars and was just about to lose hope of ever having a real life when an angel saw her. Patsy Cline was being given away for free, and the angel saved her life. Patsy Cline’s name has been changed to protect her innocence, and so she will forget the life she lived having baby after baby. Patsy hopped on a transport train in the dark this morning and all she could see was her awful past in the rear view mirror. Her transport companions were a lab, a schnauzer and a mixed breed dog, and she was so nice, kind and sweet to them. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Patsy Cline, is lucky enough.

4/16/17 Update:  Patsy Cline was spayed this past week, and she is recovering well after her surgery. This sweet girl is so affectionate, and will come get in your lap, looking for some attention. She still lacks a little confidence, and cowards down sometimes when you go toward her. We are working on potty training, as well. All and all, this girl is very sweet. She just needs a little TLC before she can find her forever home.

4/24/17 Update:  Patsy has had a great week. We are making strides on potty training and we even have taught her to sit! This sweet girl seems to have not had much human interaction in her past life, and if she did it doesn’t seem like it was pleasant. She cowers and is scared to come out her kennel sometimes. A couple of treats and some reassurance and she is running out the door at full speed. She absolutely loves to sit on the couch and snuggle with you. She follows you from room to room and just watches you. Her cute little sideways look at you just melts your heart. She also wiggles from head to toe when she is listening to you (or in her case when foster Mom is singing to her ha!), or when she sees you. She did have a little aggression towards our Bulldog one day, but since she has been spayed, we will try it again to help her understand. All in all, Miss Patsy Cline is a lover, and she is looking for that perfect family to give her all the love and attention she desires.

5/8/17 Update:  Patsy had a great week. She is really starting to fill out a bit more everyday, and she’s gaining a little more confidence day by day. She finally picked up a toy and chewed on it for a little bit the other day… huge strides for the girl! Patsy seems to be very routine-driven and seems very happy with it. She LOVES breakfast and dinner time. She goes out and does her business in the morning and shoots through the door like a rocket and runs straight to her room where she waits. She loves her time on the couch with her foster ma and pa. She tries so hard to be a lap dog, but still isn’t real sure about it. We are slowly introducing her to her foster siblings, and she seems to be handling it better. This sweet girl is looking for a home where she can be the only fur child for a while so she can get all the love and attention she has missed out on until this point.

6/2/17 Update:  I am sorry I have been MIA. Foster Mom and Dad have been super busy keeping up with me and my foster family. I had to tell them they were going to be fired from being my publicist if they didn’t check in TODAY! Anywho, here I am checking in. I have been a good girl. I am starting to figure out my family’s routine each day. I have started to use my voice a little more, because obviously Foster Mom and Dad need a reminder now and then. I let them know when I am ready to be out of my kennel and when I need to go potty. You see, I am still a little unsure somedays, and staying in my kennel is the only way I feel comfortable. When I do decide to come out and see everyone, I LOVE to sit and have my belly rubs and extra loving. Foster Mom and Dad just don’t understand … I need to be all the way in their laps for the lovins’ to count! But I am just a diva that way. I have been very good with my foster skin brother, and I am very gentle with him. He makes a lot of loud noise, so sometimes I don’t understand and I run away. But let’s face it, folks: he is LOUD! I let Foster Mom and Dad know this week that a diva is too sweet to be let out in the rain… don’t they know that sugar melts? I have been a little better being around my foster fur siblings. I haven’t paid much mind to them, but Foster Mom and Dad have been letting me have my space because I am still a little uncertain at times. I don’t mean any harm – I am just scared sometimes. Anywho, I better get off of here so my publicist, I mean my Foster Mom doesn’t notice I am doing her job. Bye Bye!

7/18/17 Update:  Patsy Cline checking in. I am lounging with Foster Mom on the couch this evening. I LOVE laying on the couch and being with my humans. Foster Mom said there isn’t enough room up here for the two of us, so I just got in her lap to make room. I have done very well with my foster sister. We even rough housed yesterday in the living room! Afterward, we both crashed out on the floor and slept for a while. I think we are going to like each other. Anywho, I am off for my beauty rest.

7/23/17 Update:  “Foster momma, just love me and tell me I’m pretty. That’s all I ask for today,” says foster girl Patsy Cline.

8/20/17 Update:  First off, I am in search of a new publicist. Foster Mom has been falling down on the job again lately, and I guess I need to light a fire under her to get her to update everyone on my fabulous days of being lazy. BOL! Anyways, I have had a pretty good week. Foster Mom took me for a joy ride yesterday to grab some lunch. We listened to music and had the windows rolled down. I could smell all of the delicious aromas coming from the magic window. And I even scored a free French fry! The lady told me I was the prettiest Bulldog she had even laid her eyes on. And obviously my sweet puppy dog eyes did the trick! I love going for a ride, so much that I don’t want to get out of the car when we come back home. Foster Mom had to beg and plead for me to get out. Finally I told her, maybe another French fry would do trick. And it worked! Foster Mom is such a good sport. But she told me these things will go straight to my thighs just like they do her… but it’s OK to splurge every once in a world while right? She told me if I help her get the house good and cleaned, we might go pick up some more dog food, and maybe I will get a special treat. My paws are crossed! Anyways, I better go so we can clean. I need to hold Foster Momma to her promise.

9/10/17 Update:  Today, Foster Mom is in super cleaning mode and I am helping. She said that cleaning with a bunch of us around is like brushing her teeth while eating Oreos. Ha! I just laughed at her and walked through her pile of “chewbaccas” on the floor. I don’t understand why she would think that of us? I am following her around making sure she doesn’t miss a spot, and I even got to help her take the trash out. She told me and my foster bro that we are always in her way, but it’s hard being the President and Vice President of Operations. She also mentioned something about a bath, but we are taking it to the board to vote that down for the day… she might win though. All those in favor for no bath, raise your paw!