From the foster momma: Payton wished for a family to call her own and today, she got her wish! She has a wonderful new family to love her unconditionally. Happy trails, sweet girl!

Please welcome Payton to our rescue family: On Jan. 18, I turned 2 years old and I am one fabulous lady. Some might say, “Payton, you are as wide and you are tall,” but they are just looking at me at a bad angle.

When I got to Dr. Larsen’s, she held me like a baby and told me I was beautiful. And then she said the D word. I thought she meant Dairy Queen! Turns out, she meant D-I-E-T. I’m not too hip on that. A DQ Blizzard is more what I had in mind. I am going to have a little surgery soon and then it’s off to the DQ … and I do mean Dairy Queen!

3/1/20 update.   I’m adjusting very well in my new foster home. Check out the photos my foster mom took. I’m gorgeous, aren’t I? My foster mom says I’m stunning. Well, duh! But she said something about me needing to lose a little weight. I was like, girlfriend… that ain’t happening. Guess what she made me do? She made me go for a walk! Look, I’m a girlie girl and exercising is not my thing, but I gave it a shot. It wasn’t so bad, but I was whooped afterward.

3/12/20 update:  Payton is looking for her forever home (and she really deserves one)! Payton is a spunky little girl who loves to play with her toys, as much as she likes to snuggle with her humans. She is truly a gentle soul who just wants to be loved. Could your home be the perfect place for Payton? Her furever momma or pops will be one lucky fur baby owner!

4/22/20 Update:  Payton is an affectionate 2-year-old young lady who can’t wait to find a loving forever home! It has been fun to watch her personality grow. She is very outgoing, playful and loves all people and dogs. Her entire body wiggles with excitement when she sees another human. Potty training is work in progress, but she’s a smart girl and will get the hang of it. She also enjoys catching up on her beauty sleep and has quite the snore for a little lady. Payton has a huge heart, and cannot wait to find a family who she can lavish affection on, and her only request is plenty of snuggles in return.