Peony (now Honey)

Peony (now Honey)

Peony was ADOPTED!!! Peony, now called Honey, has found her perfect forever home. This little lady has been a dream to foster but I happily send her on her way to live with an awesome new family who will love and appreciate her.  She has a new fur brother named Amos, who is a LSBCR alumni and a fluffy feline sibling too.  Judging from the welcome home gifts they had ready for her, Honey will be well pampered and she looks pretty in pink too!  Congratulations sweet Honey!  Your wonderful new life begins today!

Peony is a 4 yr. old female that weighs 42lbs.

Peony joins LSBCR as a owner  surrender.  She is a beautiful girl that was well taken care of her entire life. She will be going to the clinic for a check-up and to get spayed. From there she will be joining her foster family to begin her search for her new forever home. This beautiful flower should have no trouble at all, any family would be lucky to have her.

8/2/2015 Update: Peony has had her spay and joined her foster family for rest and recovery.  The car ride home went well and when she arrived, she immediately ran to her crate and made herself at home.  She has no problem with crates, although she prefers to have the door open, so she can come in and out as she pleases.  So far, she has had no accidents in the house.  Each day as she adjusts to her new surroundings, her personality emerges more.  I thought she would be a picky eater, but this morning she ate all her food at once.  She has started following me around the house, tries to get on the couch or my lap at every opportunity and welcomes lots of back scratchin’.   I think this pretty little lady will be a “velcro dog” for sure.  Peony is a bit on the chunky side but can pick up the pace when she wants too.   So far, she gets along with my other dogs and hasn’t noticed the cat yet.   I’m sure there is a lot more to learn about Peony, so keep checking back!

815/2015 Update: Peony is as easy going as they come and just wants to be loved.  She has had a really good week and appreciates any affection she can get.  Peony likes everyone and other dogs and cats, but really gets animated and all wiggly for the ladies.  Loud noises (garage door opening) startle her until she understands they won’t hurt her.  She will bark to let you know she needs to go outside to take care of business.   Pretty Peony loves snuggling on the couch and receiving treats.  She doesn’t care much for toys but I suspect she doesn’t know what to do with them yet.  Now that Peony is finished with having puppies, she is working on getting her girlish figure back and has lost 1.5 lbs already.   Peony is always ready for a car ride and I believe will enjoy walks as soon as the weather allows.  She went with her foster mom to the pet store the other day and was the perfect shopping companion.