Prayers needed today as after 9 months in rescue, this very loved boy moves on to his forever home. He can sense something is about to happen and soon, he’ll realize that it’s a good thing and he will living the life he should. His perfect furever family found him and it was love at first sight for both.  His new family thinks he is perfect for them and we agree.  They know all about him and just felt he was the one.  He now has a big sister who recently graduated college, a soon to be Freshman cousin who visits often and mom and dad to love and spoil him like he deserves.  Phoenix has one of the cutest and funniest personalities in a bulldog that I have ever seen and I can’t wait for him to show it off for his new family.  We will miss him terribly but know his world just got better and his future looks amazing.  Happy tails sweet boy, we will forever love you.


Phoenix joined rescue today as an owner. He will be going to the clinic for a check-up and then joining his new foster home.  Phoenix will then start he next leg of the journey- finding that perfect forever home.

10/4/2015 Update:  Phoenix joined us last week. Phoenix is one big bundle of LOVE.  He loves everyone and everything.  He gets along great with his foster siblings and just wants someone to pet and love on him.  He craves human interaction and just eats it up when he gets some.  The first day he joined us he was a little reserved and slightly timid.  By the second day he figured out that being loved on and petted is pretty amazing and since then he can’t get enough.

This week he has learned how to eat out a bowl without spilling it everywhere, how to get petted and loved on and that he can play with his new foster brother.  He is still learning his name, what toys and bones are, where to go potty and some other basic manners but he is smart boy and eager to please so I know all of these little things will come in no time.
Just take a look into this sweets boys soulful eyes and your heart will literally melt. He has the cutest and sweetest personality.  We have nicknamed him Felix because for some reason it seems to suit him better than Phoenix. Felix in Latin means “happy” or “lucky”.  Happy absolutely describes this boy and lucky describes anyone who gets the pleasure of meeting this boy.

10/11/2015 Update:  Are you looking for a bully-buddy that just wants to be your sidekick?  If so, Phoenix is your guy.  This big lover just wants to be with people.  He loves all people including kids but does tend to possibly favor men.  Phoenix has had a busy week with many first for him and also a great week making tremendous strides in multiple areas.  Phoenix was able to attend the Mistletoe Market in Rockwall on Saturday morning for a few hours.  This was his first public event and he did great.  He mingled nicely with several people and many other bully friends.  He also posed for a few adorable pictures.  Being the charmer that he is, he greeted every person he met and gave an occasional paw tap to get a few extra pets from anyone who he thought ,might be willing to shell out a little extra love his way.  After the event, Phoenix got to attend his first soccer game to cheer on his 2 legged foster bothers team to a victory.  Again, he was the perfect attendee and sat near me and soaked up all the love from anyone who would stop by to give him a pet, ear scratch or belly rub.  This sweet boy just draws people in and is a natural people magnet.

Phoenix is working on his manners and is doing great.  He is learning that he can get even more attention without jumping on his people.  he is also doing great with potty training and has not been having any accidents in his pen or the house!  Pheonix walks nicely on a leash and is starting to respond to the sit command.  He is a smart boy that is eager to please his people.
One thing I just realized I have not mentioned is how handsome this boy is.  I am so taken by his larger than life, cute and funny personality that I overlook just how handsome he is.
If you are looking for the real deal complete package, then apply today for this handsome fella.

10/18/2015 Update:  Do you like warm hugs?  Did you know that Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle?  Have you ever heard that some people (and bully boys) are worth melting for?  Ok, enough Olaf (Disney Frozen) references.  In all seriousness though, this sweet and always happy boy has a lot in common with Olaf.  He loves to give and receive hugs, sees the upcoming winter as a perfect time to cuddle and he just melts when anyone gives him a loving look or gentle touch.  This boy is a big teddy bear (or clumsy snowman) that just cannot get enough attention or affection.  He has made so much progress that it is hard to even describe but I will do my best.

Phoenix has not had a single potty accident in well over a week, almost 2 weeks.  This is an incredible milestone for him and we are so proud.  He has also been displaying some great manners when he greets people by not jumping on them as soon as he sees them.  Phoenix is still a little unsure about play but he is showing a little interest in toys and will come running when you squeak one and will run to it and examine it if you throw it.  From time to time he has even started to enjoy in a little rough house playing with his foster brother.  He is also starting to relax a little bit and will even go lay down by himself in the kitchen or living room while we do various chores around the house (before he would pace behind us).  He will still get up and follow if we leave the main areas or rooms but overall you can really tell he starting to relax and feel secure and safe.
Overall this sweet boy is amazing and anyone would be lucky to have him as a part of their family.  He is so deserving and completely ready to find his fur-ever home.  Are you looking for a sweet boy that ask for nothing but love  to add to your family?  If so, apply to adopt Phoenix today!

10/25/2015 Update:  Phoenix is quite bummed out that he didn’t get to attend Bull-O-Ween.  It didn’t keep him down and out too long though, there are lots of laps to sit in and get cuddles from right here in his foster home.  Especially from his foster dad who is currently his favorite person in this world.  He gets so excited when he sees his foster dad and he can’t wait to claim his spot right by him or in his lap and dull out kisses.

Phoenix is adjusting to his new life inside a home and he is starting to understand some simple vocal commands.  He is also slowly beginning to trust that the good life is his forever and slowly but surely he beginning to relax.  Phoenix reminds us of a diamond in the rough.  He still needs a little polishing that only time and building trust can give him but he is definitely a diamond.
Phoenix wanted to share with everyone a few of his favorite things:
1. PEOPLE – He LOVES anyone of any age who will show him a little affection!  This big baby boy just can’t get enough love and affection.  He has yet to meet a stranger.
2. Going Places – He is an active boy that loves going for a walk or taking a car ride.  Just grab his leash and his ears perk up and he comes a running ready to go anywhere with you.
3. Baths – This boy LOVES to be clean.  He would gladly take multiple baths a day if you would be willing to give them to him.  He runs into the bathroom and jumps into the shower any chance he can.  I guess he loves the attention during the bath and the feeling of clean, soft, good smelling fur.
Are you looking for a loyal companion that will always be by your side?  If so, apply today to make Phoenix’s dream of a fur-ever family come true.

11/8/2015 Update:  I can confidently say that there is not a harder working or more committed bulldog around than Phoenix.  He has worked so hard these last 2 weeks and we could not be prouder of him for his progress.  It became evident a few weeks ago as Phoenix settled in that he did not approve of all things with fur.  Phoenix’s previous life was not a glamorous one and he has emotional scars to show for it.  Because of this, he simply doesn’t know how to properly socialize with other dogs and he is basically learning how to be a dog.  Phoenix still needs a home where he is the only thing with fur but with training and dedication Phoenix can now walk past a dog he does not know (or may possibly not like) without even acknowledging it!  He has now placed his focus and attention on the person who is with him instead of the other dogs walking around him.  This is a huge amount of progress and just goes to show what can happen with a little (or a lot) of training, patients and understanding.

In the past 2 weeks he has not only shown progress with other dogs but he has also shown that he is learning how to be a real dog by playing with toys, relaxing, walking great on a leash and sniffing out things instead of just looking around!  I know these things do not sound like BIG accomplishments for a dog but for Phoenix they are HUGE.  We literally jumped up and down with excitement when Phoenix picked up a toy to play with this week and again on Thursday night when he discovered that bones are meant for chewing!  He is now playing with toys and bones daily.
Phoenix is a very athletic bully boy and LOVES to go on a walk.  He has quite a bit of energy so a walk is a great way for him to release and focus that energy back into his people.  He is loving this cool weather because he can go for a nice long walk without getting too hot.
The most important thing anyone should know about Phoenix is that he loves all people and has never met a stranger.  With his past, I would completely understand if he was timid and not very social with people.  This is not at all the case and this sweet boy just craves human attention and love.  He is learning his manners and boundaries and will now sit in front of someone when he meets them and wait for them to love on him.  Phoenix still needs reassurance that he is loved and will forever be loved on but he is starting to trust that the good life is his forever.
Are you looking for a loyal friend and family member for life that wants for nothing more than to be with you?  Then Phoenix is you guy!  Apply today to adopt him and make his dreams for a family of his own become a reality.

11/15/2015 Update:

Are you looking for a cuddle buddy that wants for nothing more than to be loved?  If so, Phoenix is the boy for you!  This sweet fella just wants to be with his people and be loved on.  He still prefers to be the only furbaby in a home but he is doing great when he is out of the house for walks or a pet store visit.  Phoenix loves to go places and meet people.  He is very social and likes all people but seems especially drawn towards men.
This week he got to help celebrate his foster brothers 1st birthday!  He tried his first pupcake and really enjoyed it!  He searched and sniffed all over the living and kitchen for about 10 minutes just to make sure there wasn’t another one hiding somewhere.  Much to his disappointment there was only one for each furbaby.  He was quickly consoled though with a nice long cuddle.  Phoenix wants nothing more than someone to love him and a family to call his own.  Are you ready to expand your family to add this handsome bully boy?  If so, apply today to adopt Phoenix.

2/16/16 Update:  We just cannot believe how much he has changed and grown in the past 5 months.  He even got to go to the Cold Beer event this weekend and really enjoyed himself.   He mingled a little bit with some new friends (which is HUGE for him) and just enjoyed laying out in the sunshine.  His favorite part was when someone would bend down to talk to him and spread a little love his way.  He did so good at the event and we are so proud of him.

Just a few short months ago events were out of the question for Phoenix but this weekend he handled it like he does them everyday. I had someone ask us at the event this weekend why has he not been adopted, what’s “wrong” with him. In our eyes, he is perfect, but the truth is he needed time to heal emotionally.

Phoenix is a very special boy and just wants to be loved.  He does still get insecure and anxious but he is quickly reassured with a loving touch.  He LOVES to be held and he still thinks baths are the greatest thing in the world.

2/28/16 Update:  Pheonix has had another great week! He spends his days having out in his favorite chair or trying to claim any open lap.  This boy just loves to cuddle and be with his people.  He has also been pretty playful this week and up for a walk at any opportunity he gets.  He was struggling a little with his allergies (like many Bully’s have been doing lately) so Dr W took him off of Benadryl and moved him to a new allergy medicine. It has definitely made him feel much better and not so groggy due to the Benadryl.

Phoenix really is a sweet boy and is just paitently waiting for his perfect family to come along and scoop him up.  Until that day comes, he is more than welcome in our home and will continue to love him for the very special boy that he is!

3/9/16 Update:  Phoenix has had another great week and really enjoyed getting to go to Hollywood Feed in Mansfield on Saturday. Phoenix is always ready to jump on a car and go anywhere you will take him. He got a little jealous that so many other dogs had a flipogram so we decided he needed one!

Pheonix continues to spend his time enjoying relaxing and cuddling with whoever will let him but he still prefers his fosters daddy’s lap if it’s available.

Thanks to LSBCR supporters and adopters Becky and Kyle and alumni Bella, Phoenix has found the best treats ever created (in his opinion)!  They came out to Hollywood Feed on Saturday and were nice enough to share with him and from that moment on he was in LOVE!  It’s the 1st treat we have found that he really goes crazy for.  He appreciates your sharing VERY MUCH and loved everyone that took the time to come over and love on him!

4/4/16 Update:  Phoenix has had a great week and loved meeting everyone at Mutts Cantine.  He was very well behaved and just enjoyed getting some extra scratches and laying in the sun. The past few weeks Pheonix has been feeling great and in really good mood.  He has even been playing with the other dogs almost daily, sometimes a couple of times a day.  He is still quite awkward and clumsy when he plays but it one of the cutest things I ever seen and we just love seeing him having fun. Phoenix is still a great cuddler and happy to fill any empty lap.   He still looks for reassurance and confidence at times but he settles down very quickly now.  Once you get to know Phoenix, you can’t help but to love him for who is.