Hi, everybody! Pickles here, with THE BEST NEWS OF MY LIFE. I finally have a furever family!

I gained two sisters and have the best mom and dad that will take care of me. I took a road trip this weekend and now I live in a place called Houston. I already love it here!

Well, wish me luck, everyone- my happily ever after starts NOW!

My name is Pickles, but not the sour kind—the really sweet ones! Most of my three years were not lived in the best environment. I had several owners. But this nice family recently rescued me from my last owner and took me home with them. They bought me two beds and more toys than I ever had. I was as happy as I had ever been, but I noticed they were sad sometimes. 

The reason they knew all about Bulldogs and what they loved is because they had one for 12 years! But he recently died and they said every time they saw me, they thought of him and it made them sad. They said they were just not quite ready to take another Bulldog into their lives.

So they brought me and all my new shiny stuff and signed me up for rescue. I love staying with Dr. Larsen and all her pretty staff. But they did some nasty things to me yesterday. I hurt on both ends. They did my neuter and some eye surgery to help me see better. They promised I would be better than new in a few days.

So take a gander at this Pickle and see if he is the right flavor for you. I bet I will find my match in no time.

5/23/20 Update:  Anyone up for brunch with a side of Bulldog? Hi everyone~ Pickles here and MAN, am I a ball of fun! I made it through the first night of my new foster home and we had the best time. After settling down after my busy day of car trips and gulping down a big bowl of water, Foster Momma gave me a treats and hugs and we instantly became besties. We went on a walk to check out my new neighborhood and I did GREAT! I even met some new friends along the way. I’m very friendly and have never met a stranger. I just want to lick and play with everyone I see.

I got pretty sleepy from all my fun and Foster Mom and Dad let me sleep with them… it was the best. They said I’m the best snuggler ever!

As you can see, they took me to this thing called brunch (guess it’s a Bulldog thing) to kick off our first day together. Well gotta go, new smells to smell!

5/24/20 Update:  Foster Mom gave me my very own bandanna, officially welcoming me into their foster family! Don’t I look handsome?