When I first saw Polly the first thing I thought was, Poor , Pitiful Polly, what in the world will rescue do with you?  Obviously not the standard bulldog with the short legs and the fat body; more like the racehorse with the long legs and lean build. Or I guess you could say the look of being starved to death was written all over her face. But Polly deserved medical care, good food and freedom, so Ronnie picked her up, and shook his head and thought the same thing, who will ever want you Polly? And of all the dogs needing a foster Nancy and Scott said “Does Polly need a foster, what does Polly need us to do? I told Nancy Polly needed good food, she needed to gain weight, she had heartworms and she needed treatment and she needed a lot of love. I think Nancy dropped what she was doing and picked up Polly that day. And the rest in history! Today it became official, Polly has a forever family, a bulldog sister and a American bulldog brother and Polly loves them all.  In the near future their will be a Christmas card with the entire family and Polly will be sitting beautifully right in the center feeling the love she always knew existed, but was for someone else, not her. That is until Polly met Nancy and Scott: her Christmas miracle!

I’m just a little confused… Some people say I am an English Bulldog, some say I’m an Olde English Bulldog, but some say I am an American Bulldog, and some people say I am both.

What I know is that I when I showed up at a local shelter, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue agreed to take me in, and they stood by that commitment. Yesterday, a nice man picked me up and took me to a vet’s office where the staff members all loved on me and made me feel beautiful. They said I can have all the spa days I want.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name’s Polly and I am 2 years old. I recently had a littler of puppies, but I am not sure what happened them. I am still very thin from nursing my babies and being a good mommy for them. The doctor said I have a heart murmur that might be caused by heartworms. So they will be running more tests. But first, I am going to get one of those spa treatments they have been talking about. When I feel better, I will be ready to come home with you!

7/19/17 Update:  We are sad to announce that sweet Polly tested positive for heartworms! She also has already developed a heart murmur. Because of her weakened and very thin condition, the vet wants to wait 60 days to begin the heartworm treatment. She needs to get in better shape first. Keep this sweetie in your prayers.

9/4/17 Update:  Hello everyone ! It’s me Polly ! Sorry I haven’t written until now but I’ve been very busy in my new foster home eating, playing and sleeping! I made myself at home right away – found the couch, the kitchen, my toys, my people and my fur siblings and let me say this … life is great ! I really love my fur siblings! Sydney, LSBCR alumni – she’s a total trip! The girl can really move, but I gave her a run for her money.. think I caught her off guard when I said, “hey sis wanna race ?” And she said, Heck yah sis! game on !!!!” And boom we were off to the races towing foster mom in the rear !!! Needless to say I won the race … don’t tell Sydney I said that because she will argue that! Sister Sydney is a tenacious girl but someone I admire and love to play with! I absolutely adore my big American Bulldog brother, Caesar- he’s very calm and reassuring and rather easy on the eyes! I feel safe with him around! I have the best foster fur siblings! We all get along great! I really love socializing and being with other dogs and my humans. I’m an affectionate, sweet bully that loves to cuddle with everyone!

My past is sketchy and something I’d rather forget but my foster mom tells me it made me the strong willed optimistic bully girl that I am..think that’s why she calls me Pollyanna sometimes. I was found as a stray in Waxahachie, Tx. It was obvious to the good people that found me, that I was a new mother, but my babies were no where to be found. I’m not sure where my babies went but I hope they are safe and being fed. I’m sure good people are caring for them.

What I did learn is that I am really underweight and positive for heartworm disease and that really scared me initially. Doctors orders: eat, eat, and eat more Love those orders, not scared anymore!!! I need to get bigger and stronger to fight these bad worms in my heart! I’ve already gained ten pounds in my new foster home….so once I gain a bit more, I’ll go on bedrest for a month while I take my heartworm medicine. Look out worms – your days are numbered !!!! You don’t stand a chance against me !!

Sooo guess I’ll be doing some home schooling while I’m on bedrest getting my medical care. My foster folks say I’m not only pretty but really smart. I follow some basic commands and understand my name. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on my adventures and treatments ! They say the camera loves me… that I’m a natural and love to pose when asked… Perhaps I will be discovered by an agency one day and my name will be in lights!!!! Please take a look at my mini movie trailer and if you know anyone in Hollywood, forward it to them!   Thank you !   Love,  Polly  XO

Polly’s latest hit video! V3vQwOmmZng