Pumpkin met her family a week ago and it was love at first sight. We have never seen her with kids and she just lit up when she met her now skin brothers, jumping and playing with them. And the boys were so sweet and gentle with her, including fur brother, Dexter. Dexter is a beautiful and sweet boy that also was adopted from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. Dexter loved showing Pumpkin around her new digs and even was up for sharing his comfy bed. Sweet Pumpkin has truly hit the jackpot with this wonderful family that sees past her life’s “wear and tear” and sees the adorable Bulldog that is so full of life and love. And also has the BEST butt wiggle that has ever been wiggled in he history of wiggles!

We will miss this little girl and she has definitely taken pieces of foster mom’s and dad’s hearts.

Miss Pumpkin was wandering the streets and found by a kind family. Because she was not microchipped, the family tried every way they could to find her owners. But no one stepped forward. They knew she was a special Bulldog with some special needs, so they did not want to take her to a shelter and leave her. That’s when they contacted rescue. Pumpkin is an underweight, older girl. She has numerous sores on her back and on her ears. These things are obvious. We will wait for the vet to tell us more. She has callous spots on her hind legs. We think she was most likely abandoned. She is sweet and gets along with other dogs and kids. The family who found her has two small children. They thought she was the color of a pumpkin, hence the name they gave her and we decided to keep. After all, everybody loves a little Pumpkin!

9/9/17 Update:  Good Morning, Pumpkin checking in.  I bet you are surprised there is only 1 photo of me after I left the clinic! Truth is, I can not be still, not even for a photo shoot!  I am like a “worm in hot ashes.”  Round and around I go, twisting, turning, rolling, jumping, leaping thru the air like a ballerina! I can’t help myself, I just feel so darn wonderful I just want to dance.  When I joined rescue I felt bad, I was a walking infection: ear’s, eyes, skin, and teeth.  I hurt all over. I had big black ugly things on my back. But now, I feel brand new! I just wanna dance. I have never met a stranger. I love all things with fur, all size of people, and all kinds of food. You drop something, I am there to scoop it up, eat it up, and clean it up . I remember in my other life I never had enough to eat, or maybe because of the infection in my mouth I just could not eat.  But those infected days are over, I feel like a million dollars, and I just wanna dance! My new family will be dancers, they will dance with me, love me and take care of me.  If that family is you, send in a application to adopt me, Pumpkin the Dancing Queen!

9/28/17 Update:  This is the tiniest little Bulldog this foster ma and dad have ever fostered and she is quickly becoming a favorite. This dainty 7 year old is so loving, submissive and happiest following her humans from room to room with THE best butt wiggle we have ever seen! It’s not just the tail, its full-butt spasms! You will do anything to make her do it over and over. Luckily for us, she will do her dance freely. When she first came to us last week, she had the beginnings of a terrible cold. But now, she is all done with that and doing great! Pumpkin didn’t have the greatest start in life and her poor little body shows it. Scars on her ears from neglect and her skin was in pretty bad shape. She does very well with her medicated baths and is just loving the good-for-you food. Her coat will be looking good in no time and she will put on some much needed weight. Pumpkin is getting along great with her foster sibs and is catching on to pottying outside.

10/8/17 Update:  What a week Pumpkin has had ~ she’s feeling great, gaining weight and her personality has fully bloomed. Pumpkin would’ve been the perfect flower child in the ’60s…nothing but love! She loves her people, loves her foster siblings and loves your attention. She is house trained, crate trained and walks well on a leash. She even loves to take baths. Pumpkin has the best butt wiggle and she shows it to you freely. We have tried capturing it on camera, but she gets a little shy all of a sudden and stops. Yes, foster mom and dad have quickly fallen in love with this amazing girl and so will you!

10/25/17 Update:  Pumpkin has had a great week with her foster family.  I think she is the most social foster dog that we have ever had.  She loves to greet, she loves to escort you into a different room, never let you be alone, just in case you need your Pumpkin fix.  She is there for you!  Okay, maybe she’s really nosey.  If you leave the door slightly closed, she WILL open it and see what you are doing.  Thats all she needs…as long as she knows what is going on.

Pumpkin has been an absolute joy to foster from day one.  She gets along great with her foster sibs, is crate and house trained and about the most cuddly bulldog we have ever known.  She just looks at you with those big, liquid eyes…Come to see Miss Pumpkin at Bulloween!  And no, she will not be dressed as a pumpkin.