Reba was ADOPTED!!!  Our sweet Reba found her fur-ever home with Nina & CG in Overton Tx.  She was happy to go with them, and she will be their princess.
This lil princess deserved a fur-ever home where she is loved and pampered.  So happy for our lil foster girl.

Reba joined rescue as an owner surrender today. She will be going to they clinic to be spayed and then on to her foster family.  More details to follow on this adorable lady.

9/2/2015 Update: Reba’s foster dad picked Reba up from the clinic on Wednesday.  Reba is a love.  She is such a sweet lil lady.  She gets along with our pups, just like she belongs here.  Whomever gives this lil lady her fur-ever home will not regret it, and whomever misses out on her, well you missed a jewel.

10/11/2015 Update:  Lil Reba….well she is such a doll.  She is such a sweet girl, and she loves her foster dad.  When she sees him pull up she starts this dance and dances when he walks in, it is so cute.  She does very well with our pups, she goes out to potty if you remember to take her, she does not go out on her own, she will have an accident.  She loves to play, nap, eat, play, nap, eat….  LOL

10/25/2015 Update:  Reba was able to attend Bull-o-ween.  She did awesome with everything going on.  Loved all 4 legged and 2 legged equally.  She loved all the little people as well.

She met some guys from DeSoto, which we were told were there to see a few of the bullys.  Of course she was her sweet self.
We tried to crate her as much as possible, her leg is slowly getting better, but if she spends much time on it she does start limping.  These guys noticed that and I assured them she goes back in this week for a re-check on they eye and we are going to remind him to check her leg and we will have an update for everyone.  Here she spends her days laying on the couch.  We help her up and down, and the most she uses it is to go potty or to eat.
We don’t crate her, she doesn’t care for it, and I am sure she has spent most of her 4yrs in one and it has bad memories for her.  She is the perfect dog for the family that doesn’t expect a bulldog with a lot of energy.  She wants to lay and be loved.  She will chew on a toy, but not a big player with them.  She loves to go riding.  She will sit in the backseat and is so happy to be going.  I really think she would be perfect for any family as she is so sweet.  She is good with our crew.  They don’t play, but they just lounge together.  (I think Titan will be heartbroken when she leaves, they are best of buds, he is so gentle to just lay with her)(And I know it is not going to be easy for us either)
We had to leave early last night and get her home, she was hurting and she needed to be on her soft couch off the leg, so Jason picked her up and we went out the back and he drove around and picked us up.  Sorry we left with no goodbye’s but it was best for her.