River was ADOPTED!!!

River joined rescue last night as an owner surrender. He will be going to the clinic for a check-up and then on to his new foster home. From there, he will begin his search for his forever home.

10/4/2015 Update: River joined his foster family this week.  Whomever named this pint sized boy River, had high hopes. His foster dad thinks he is more a Stream at best. He is a very small guy tipping the scales at 39 lbs.  River is thin so he needs to bulk up a bit but even bulked up he will be a lean not so mean bulldog machine.

10/11/205 Update: River arrived his at his foster home not knowing his name, not knowing how to eat out of a bowl, wanting to mark everything in site (inside and outside of the house).  All he wanted to was sit in his crate a nd shiver. He was very timid and wanted no part of his foster brother shenanigans. Flash forward 5 days and River is a different  bulldog. He is now eating from a bowl, not marking anything, and learning his name (slowly. He has begun to come out of his shell and is romping with his foster brothers. He has claimed a much coveted spot on the couch. He LOVES to watch television and especially football.

10/25/2015 Update:  River had a good week. We learned some new details about this little guy.

First, he is NOT a crowd kinda guy. He went to Bull-O-Ween, and did not enjoy the crowds and noise. He actually had nightmare for the next two days (he would wake up squawking and breathing heavy.  The goods news is that it isn’t anything physical and they have stopped.
Second, He is the LAZIEST bulldog alive. During his bouts of nightmares he did not want to leave the comfort of “couch”. He would only eat on the couch, AND he could not even be bothered to stand up and eat. He simply puts his paw on the bowl and tips it up so he can slide his face in the bowl to eat.
Third, he LOVES to go on walks and he can walk a long way with this cooler weather. River has been going a three walks a day this week and LOVES it.
Fourth, the couch is his favorite place. River could spend 24/7 on the couch. He loves to watch tv (he actually watches it, you can see him following the action on the screen). Football seems to be one of his favorites (or maybe he has to like it since it is on all day Sunday).
All in all, River is doing well. It is apparent that in his past life he was isolated for long periods of time. He craves human contact in a quiet, calm situation. Ideally, his forever home will be one that is very calm, no loud noises and some one that is home with him during the day.  He would also love a furry playmate about his size.  River is a perfect bulldog that just needs that special someone(s) to make him feel loved.