Rocky Road

Rocky Road

I can’t believe it, but it actually happened… they found me, my furever family!

Here I am with my mom, Diana, my dad, Jason, and Colton, my new skin brother. Don’t we look great together? Like peas and carrots!

They already told me how much they love me and what a handsome boy I am! OH, and I will be their only furbaby, so I have them all to myself. YAY ME!

Foster Mom and Dad were so happy for me that they cried. I know they will miss me. Heck, I will miss them too, but I am so ready to have a family I can call my own. 

Well, I’ll check in later, but I gotta go unpack my toys and test out my big, new comfy bed.

Well, I am back with the rescue and my foster mom and dad  – that is okay because they love me and I really like it here.

I can’t say it was all my fault that it did not work out with my adoption family.  I had a fur brother that was MUCH larger than me and we both wanted to be in charge.  They said it was a ‘potty training’ issue but I just wanted him to know what belonged to me and that was EVERYTHING so I had to mark my territory. You see, I am really just a chick magnet – I think I would do best either being an only fur child or with a family that has only chicks where I can rule the roost.

So, I am going to hang out here for awhile, get my crate and toys back in order and start the process to find my furever family again- I know they are out there!  I have a lot of bully love to give and need some real skin cuddles to share it with.

All aboard the rescue train! It was water works as I pulled away. There was hugging and patting, along with “I love yous” and lots of “goodbyes.” But I was going, and no one could stop me now. After all, I was driving that rescue train.
I have been a ladies’ man to many ladies in my day and it was time for me to retire. There are so many things I still want to do and so many things I still want to see. When the group stared planning to leave, I told everyone, “No one goes anywhere without me.”
At my house, I was known as the “sweet one,” “the nice one,” and “the one that gets picked on” because I did not want to fight back. I just walked away, but you know the ladies… they would just bow up sometimes and would want to fight with me. I walked fast, but they walked faster.
Finally, I decided that enough was enough and it was my plan for the four of us to leave. I got to pick the ones to go with me, and I picked the sweet ones that never picked on me.
We’re all excited to find our new furever families and start our new lives.

4/9/21 Update: We picked up Rocky Road on Monday. We can tell that he’s probably spent a lot of time in a crate because he’s still learning how to walk on a leash, what it’s like on the outside of the crate, house training (love a belly band) and most of all manners, manners, manners.

His foster fursisters are trying to help teach him the ropes. He’s learning that girls can just be friends … without benefits!
He is very handsome and actually very lovable. He loves to be loved.

4/13/21 Update: Rocky Road continues to adjust to his new life as a retired ladies man. Although let’s be clear: he is definitely still a stud muffin! Just look at that handsome face! And boy, oh boy, can he still strut – gotta love a Bulldog strut!

We are working on manners and where it is appropriate to potty. He’s getting better every day. He wants to and is eager to please – he is truly one of the most lovable Bulldogs EVER!

4/20/21 Update:  This has been a good week! I got my stitches out on Thursday and met a new doc at Colleyville Animal Clinic, Dr. Blick. He was a really nice man and told me I was very healthy and, oh, so handsome. Shhhhhh, don’t tell him, but Dr. Larsen is still my favorite!

My manners are getting better. I know ‘Good Boy’ comes with back scratches or a belly rub. Oh yea, MY FAVORITE, is this thing called a treat! Holy cow, I really like those!
Sometimes, I still hear ‘No Sir’ and I’ve been in timeout once or twice, but I am trying really hard for those ‘Good Boys!’
I am getting into a routine and I love my morning and afternoon walks. Foster Dad says I am great on a leash.
I really like my foster fur sister, Aggie. We have ‘Couch Wrestle Mania’ most mornings, play in the yard in the afternoons (when it’s not raining) and ‘toy-tug o’ war’ at night. All the activity wears us both out for sure and we sleep all night – I even slept longer than foster dad this morning. He told me he actually got a whole cup of coffee in before the ‘Rocky’ show started. Whatever that means?
Well, that’s it for now. I am going to join Foster Mom on the deck and enjoy this beautiful Texas day!
4/28/21 Update:  I am really a very happy boy and I am loving my new bachelor life. Foster dad says my manners have improved so much and I have not had any accidents in the house in over a week. I am even learning to use the bells hanging on the door when I need to do my business outside.  My crate is still my favorite place, but now, I can come and go as I please and I kinda like that!  I also LOVE being around my foster humans!……and my foster fur sisters – I think they like me too,  even the one that makes funny meow sounds – what the heck is that thing!!??   I look forward to hopefully meeting a furever family soon but in the meantime, “Foster Mom – I am ready for my pawticure please!”
5/10/21 Update:  Foster Mom bought us some new chew bones, so I invited my foster sister, Aggie, to come join me in my crate for a chew!
7/20/21 Update:  This has been good week for me. I am back with Foster Mom and Dad, and back to my old routine and guess what? NO accidents in the house! Foster Mom says she is very proud of me and Foster Dad keeps the ‘Treat Train’ rolling. YAY for me!


My foster fur sisters were glad to see me, especially Aggie, the Boxer. Foster Mom got a new fur baby that meows. It took a day or two for her to like (tolerate) me. She kept swatting at me. What the heck? I just wanted to play. Well, I’ve decided to just ignore that one until her attitude changes!

It was so hot this week, so I enjoyed a little pool time with Foster Dad and my favorite ball – I really do LOVE my ball! 

Well, I am off to catch a treat and a nap, so peace out for now.

8/2/21 Update:  I am back into a routine because I like and need routine and a schedule. No accidents in the house,  plenty of treats for being a good boy, lots of cuddles and kisses and full-on Bulldog lazy – yep, love that life! 

I finally figured out the new fur kid in the house. You know, the one that meows. I keep my distance and don’t chase her, but I do keep an eye on her. She is kind of fun to watch.

It has been really hot outside, so my fursister Aggie and I do a lot of ‘couch wrestling’ inside to burn off some energy.

Well, it is about my nap time, so I am off for some daydreaming. My favorite dream is finding my furever family. Hopefully, that one will come true soon.