Romeo has been adopted! His new forever moms came up to meet him and instantly fell in love with him. The best part is he gained a fur sister, Abbie, and fur brother Ned. The family of three is now a family of five! Congratulations, Chelsie and Karly!

Hello everyone, it’s me Romeo joining rescue today! And in case you are wondering if Romeo is my real name, yes it really is. Yes, I do know that it is Valentine’s Day this week and it was very important that I get here to have my Valentines pictures taken for the ladies. I do love the ladies. I was born a long way from here. Actually I was born in Mexico, and it was my dream to be a show Bulldog. I met all the criteria of being a show Bulldog but somewhere along the way my career ended and my life of being a couch potato began!

My Mom and Dad both got jobs and they realized I needed a lot more time and attention than they could give me and showing me was not going to happen. And of all things they moved into an apartment that said “No Bully Breeds Allowed.”  I never considered myself anything but sweet and kind as could be.  So, there I was, sitting in an apartment that didn’t want me there, all by myself wishing I had a family that had more time for me. And like magic I overheard a conversation telling someone “Please help my Romeo, he is sad and lonely and he deserves more love than we can give him.”  I was off that sofa, running to the truck, and today my new life begins. I am 3 years old, headed to Dr. Larsens on Wednesday to meet the ladies, and in no time at all will be ready for a fabulous new family.

3/4/19 Update:  It’s me Romeo and I have checked into Mays’ Manor! I’ve got a new bed, toys and a nice hallway all to myself for the time being. My plan is to chill here until my eyes heal and I get to take off this donut. I’m a friendly fella, but the other residents with fur are not so sure of me yet, probably because of my good looks. I walk great on a leash and know exactly how to use the doggy door. I’ll check back in later as I settle in to my new digs.

3/7/19 Update:  Afternoon all! It’s me Romeo checking in. I don’ know about you guys but I’m glad to see a little sun. I’ve been at my new foster home for a few days, still resting from my time spent with Doc Larsen. Foster mom says I’m quite smart. I was supposed to wear a donut around my neck for another week but I figured out how to get it off…. You pop it!  Yep that is what you do. Foster mom says we owe LSBCR a new donut, sorry about that guys but this boy was ready to get it off. 

Just a few things about me. I love to be near a human, I will verbally let foster mom know when I can’t see her. I will let you know I do not like to be in a kennel or behind a gate away from the humans. I’m pretty awesome on a leash if I do say so myself, I sit, and will shake your hand. I love the fur ladies in the house, even if they do not love me back. I’m an easy going fella, when the ladies want me to stop trying to give them love I back off respectfully. I also like the resident fur king of the house, even if he doesn’t care for me. I will try and assure him I am a peaceful guy that just likes to share the love. I prefer a nice bed with humans but the couch is a nice runner up. And last but not least I know where to take care of my business. 

I may not be 100% ready for my very own family but keep me in mind because I will be ready soon!