6/15/2015 Update: Rooney was ADOPTED today!!!Rooney found his forever home! Today he was adopted by the Hoffman family and is on his way to a fun and active life. John’ a favorite soccer player was named Rooney so they knew it was a sign to add this bulldog to their family. Happy life Rooney! ❤

Rooney is a 2 yr. old male that weights approximately 44lbs.  He is an owner surrender that because of a change in environment was forced to join rescue. Rooney loves other dogs, cats and humans of any size.  He is current on all his vaccinations and is looking forward to the next leg of his journey. Rooney will make a perfect addition to any family looking for a bulldog with lots of love to give. 5/17/2015 Update: Rooney has a meet and greet today so keep your fingers and paws crossed.  Nothing not to love about this one except he may or may not be a very messy eater/drinker.  But with a face like that its hard not to completely ignore his table manners.

5/24/2015 Update: Amazing and perfect in every way. However Rooney has a nervous habit of humping when he gets really excited and his family should not have small kids.   An active family with or without older kids would be ideal for this guy. I can not stress enough what a great bulldog he is.

5/31/2015 Update: There’s no one sweeter than Rooney. Rooney is happy all day, every day, and his main focus is to get attention. Rooney is very submissive and even an unkind look from a mean Bulldog sends him hiding.

Rooney’s perfect family will be patient with him because he is a humper. When Rooney gets excited, he just can’t help himself. Rooney does not hump dogs ~ just people. He gets a glazed look in his eyes and he is going to hump, even if it’s the air. Rooney’s perfect family will be small kid-free.

6/7/2015 Update: Rooney is 45lbs of puppy. He loves to run in the back yard, chase tennis balls and chew on anything squeaky.  He knows some basic commands but needs to work on “stay”. we will continue to work on his manners. He does well with other dogs and cats and loves people and car rides. Rooney is leash trained and housebroken would probably do best in a family with older kids.