Rubix was ADOPTED!!!!  He now has two human siblings and another bulldog sibling. He will be so spoiled the rest of his life and will be treated like the prince he deserves! Congrats to the entire family, especially Rubix.

Rubix is a 3 yr. old male that weighs 80 lbs.

Rubix is an owner surrender that was very much loved.  There were many tears during his surrender.  “This is one bulldog that has never done one thing wrong: He is good with kids, other dogs and other animals. Rubix does have some vision issues, so his perfect family would be a household that has another dog that he can pal around with.  He will be going to the clinic for a check-up and to be neutered. Once that is complete he will be joining his foster family and being his search for his forever family. Stay tuned as more details are forthcoming on Rubix.

8/2/2015 Update: Rubix is a stunning boy. He is 3 years old and 80 lbs of pure love. Rubix gets along well with other dogs and kids. He gives the best hugs and craves love from his people. He was just neutered and had entropoin surgery.  Rubix does suffer from dry eye and will require daily drops, but that is no big deal because this big boy will melt your heart instantly.  He is eager to meet his forever family.

8/9/2015 Update: Rubix gets his stitches out Wednesday. He is 75 lbs. of total love. Rubix’s favorite spot is sitting in your lap on the couch. He gives the sweetest kisses and hugs. He will wrap his big ol’ paws around your waist and look at you until you hug him back. Rubix is very dog and cat friendly, however he does like to follow the cats around until they are annoyed and he gets bopped on the nose. He is a beautiful hunk of love that deserves an amazing forever home.