Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre is a rambunctious, neutered male puppy. He’s about 12 months old and is still filling out his Bulldog frame.

Pierre was born with a condition called craniomandibular osteopathy. This condition causes excessive bone growth in his lower jaw. It is currently just affecting his lower left jaw bone. When Pierre stops growing, this bone growth will also stop. He has been in rescue and under close observation for the last couple of months. The growth seems to have slowed, but it is something that will need to be monitored for the next year of his life. Pierre currently has no problems with eating and drinking. In fact, eating may be his favorite thing in life.

They don’t come much sweeter than Saint Pierre. He is a love bug and loves to sleep in his foster mom’s lap. He is loved and adored by all who meet him.

Pierre had a grand ol’ time at Bull-O-Ween, but we learned he may not want to have any brother dogs close to his age. He gets along fantastically with his young female foster fur siblings and has no issue with older dogs both male and female. The younger males seem to bring out his competitive side, however.

Pierre adores children and is completely potty trained. We are working on basic commands and he’s starting to master them.

Pierre needs a furever home with a family that sees the beauty and uniqueness in his so-called “imperfection.”