Samson Reid

Samson Reid

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

We went to the pumpkin patch and look who we found, Annabel and Samson Reid!

We are happy to announce that these two great pumpkins have been picked from the patch and are now forever part of our pack! Proud to say we foster failed again and got the best of the bunch!

We are beyond blessed and forever grateful to those who were part of their rescue and rehabilitation; from the animal shelters to LSBCR to the Frisco Veterinary ER to Brightstar Veterinary Clinic to Stonebriar Veterinary Clinic. So MANY compassionate people have been part of their healing love and care! Please know you are deeply appreciated and will never be forgotten.

To those of you following Annabel ‘s hospice adventures, please don’t worry, we will continue on her adventures and we will definitely continue to keep you all updated along the journey.

Hope your Halloween was spooktacular!

I have a sad story, but I’m told that’s about to change.
You can tell I have been neglected in my six years. My family finally decided they could not give me the care I needed and they took me to the shelter. That’s when the good news started!
A man from rescue showed up, told me how handsome I was and said he was here for my freedom ride to a better life. I was so happy!
As I sat down to rest, he patted my head and gave me a big hug. I reached up with my paw and we shook hands on the new deal. To seal the deal, I rolled over and let him give me belly rubs for a few minutes.
I am off to see this wonderful vet, Dr. Larsen, and get everything checked out. They have already promised me all the food I can eat! I know it may be a long road to recovery, but at least I am going to the right place and things are going the right direction for the first time in a long time.
Thank you rescue, Dr. Larsen and all you wonderful people for giving me a chance for a new life.
2/2/21 Update:  Foster boy Samson Reid has put on some much-needed pounds, but unfortunately, he’s hit a plateau. He just can’t seem to push that scale any further. He’s still having some intestinal issues and we’re not sure why. He has an appointment with an internist on February 23 for a complete workup and exam. The good news is that his attitude is great and his activity level continues to improve.

4/13/21 Update: Do you remember me? I hope so! I’m still here and have a story to tell.

I came into rescue, a shelter surrender, back in October 2020. I was skin and bones, and sick to my stomach all the time.
Thankfully, I found rescue and a wonderful veterinarian by the name of Dr. Leah Larsen who knew just what to do to help me.
After many tests and a trip to a GI doctor, they determined I had something called exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). That’s the reason I kept getting diarrhea every time I’d eat and why I couldn’t gain any weight. Apparently, it’s a genetic condition in certain dogs and cats that lack enzymes to digest their food; meaning the food just zooms in one end and out the other! I’m just glad it’s treatable because I do love to eat and want to savor every bite.
The folks at Bright Star Veterinary Clinic have been giving me enzyme pills, antacids, probiotics, vitamin B12 and antibiotics with all my meals and as of today, I’m 20 pounds heavier and starting to get my muscles back! Doc says I still have a ways to go though and I’ll have to do this forever to stay healthy, but I’m OK with that. I’m just so grateful to everyone! I’m really starting to feel better and I’m ready to move onto the next phase of my journey to my forever home.
This past Friday, I packed my bags, said thank you and farewell, and took off with my foster mother for my foster home! That’s the nicest word ever: “HOME.” I haven’t been in any home in a very long time, so it made my heart so happy!
When I arrived, they had a welcome sign out for me and everything! My foster father came out to greet me when we pulled up in the driveway. It’s so nice to have a strong father to look up to. I also have two fur Bulldog sisters and an awesome BIG brother, a Great Dane, named Otis. He’s kind of taken me under his wing and is showing me the ropes around here.
I’ve been getting settled in and getting to know everyone this weekend. I have bowed to the ladies and saluted the males in the home and so far, so good. My foster mother says despite all I’ve been through, I’m a quiet, sweet, polite, smart and easy-going boy with good manners.
And do you know what I said to that? Well, I kissed her, of course! I couldn’t help myself. I’ve never heard so many nice things said about me all at once, if at all. WOW… just WOW!
Well, that’s all for now. Please stay tuned for my adventures and watch my journey to forever!  Love and licks,  Samson Reid

4/20/21 Update: It’s been a busy week getting settled into my new foster home, but all is going very well! I’m still getting to know everyone and establishing trust and relationships with my foster siblings and parents.

I’m very easy going, submissive, affectionate, patient and playful. I’m curious about everything and have been very busy sniffing and exploring my new world out from behind bars! There is so much to see and do! There just aren’t enough hours in the day.
I love going on walks, but need to slow down and smell each rose, as my foster mother says. I love being with my foster family and crave attention. I often raise my paw to greet them and paw at them when they are near.
Foster Mother tells me I have very expressive eyes and that the eyes are the window to the soul. You know what else she said? She said I have a very beautiful soul! Oh, how I love her so. She says the nicest things to me. My foster parents are both so sweet to me. I follow them around everywhere. I just love being with them.
I’m getting to spend more time with my foster siblings this week. Otis, my Great Dane brother, engaged me in some play the other day, and I said, “Game on, brother!” Let’s just say I gave that old boy a run for his money!
Now my foster sister siblings? I think they are still trying to figure me out and well, they are girls, so I’m trying to figure them out too. I’ll get back to you on them.
Highlight of my week was meeting my foster grandparents and playing ball with them! I even got to take my foster grandma to the dentist this week! I didn’t know humans had dentals, but apparently, they do. I heard her talking about getting fitted for a crown, so she must be a queen!
Anyways, my foster grandparents just love me to pieces! It was hard for them not to give me treats, but Foster Mother told them no treats because of the problem with my pancreas and digestion. I did manage to find a marshmallow on the floor, so I scored there! I’ve been eating well in my new home, but just the special kibble from vet clinic.
I’ve been doing my business outside and my foster parents have been getting really excited about it all, especially when I go number 2. I heard them say something about, “Great form!” Whatever that means. I never saw humans get so excited about that stuff, but they do. I just know I feel better now and my business looks better.
I overheard my foster parents talking about transitioning to a new menu soon and seeing how I tolerate things. They said something about home-cooked food! I don’t know about you, but that sounds wonderful. Anything with the word “home” in it is good in my books! There’s no place like home.

5/4/21 Update: I’ve been busy chasing rabbits! I loooooove all things small, furry and fast! I’m in hot pursuit, as soon as I’m out the door pulling all in tow at the end of the leash.

My foster parents say I’m part bloodhound, part hunting dog because I am super sniff on the trail! I’m told I’m highly intelligent, so with a little training I bet I’d make a great search and rescue dog! I’m sorry I won’t be at BoomerJack’s today, but I’ll give a shout out later this week. I’ll see you on the trail!
6/15/21 Update:  My foster folks call me Sammy! Or Sammy Green Eggs and Hammy. Or Sammy Lammy. Or Sammy Whammy. Or Sam Sam. Or Sam I Am. I have at least 20 nicknames and I answer to them all because I love my people and my people love me!
Soooooo…. It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me and I apologize. My foster fur Great Dane brother got really sick and almost died, then my grandma got sick and put in the hospital. It’s been so stressful and sad, but we all survived and I’ve been great moral support for everyone. Foster Mother says I’ve been very good looking after everyone and just being a good boy.
I’ve been doing really well with my special diet needs. Remember my pancreas doesn’t work right, so I need special enzymes with every meal. Every meal is special, I will say, because my foster dad cooks every meal for me!
If I don’t have special food, well…. the food just runs right through me. I don’t absorb the nutrients and don’t grow. My folks have been adding one ingredient every 2-3 weeks. Right now, I’m doing well on baked chicken, sweet potatoes, potatoes, peas and Hawaiian sweet rolls. Yummy! I can’t wait until next week. What will I eat then? My pooh is perfect now! Woo hoo! We all get so excited when I go potty. Honestly, it’s kind of weird, but that’s OK.
Hope you all are doing well! I’ll be in touch.