Sasha was ADOPTED!!!! It was a great day for Sasha, her new Mom and Dad drove up from the Houston area to adopt her. This great couple recently lost their beloved French Bulldog. But once they met Sasha, their love for English Bulldogs began. No doubt that Sasha will be spoiled and her life filled with love and happiness. Congrats to the entire family

Sasha is an 11 month old puppy that weighs 50 lbs.

Meet 11 month old Sasha.. Sasha joined rescue today as one of the cutest gals in bulldog history. She was raised with kids  and loves other dogs and is sweet as can be. She will be making a quick stop at the clinic to get spayed and a check-up.  After that she will be joining her foster family, where her search for the perfect forever family will begin. With her looks and charm, it should be a quick search.

7/15/2015 Update: I’ve had Sasha since Thursday and she is the sweetest little pup! Over the past few days she has enjoyed lots of cuddles and play time with her squeaky toys. She is great at sleeping in her crate at night and wakes me up with a little bark in the morning when she is ready to get up and go! Sasha enjoys long naps on the couch where she can stretch out and take up 2/3 of the cushions.

Sasha loves to be with her people and is not afraid to throw a little temper tantrum if she is ever left behind (throws her toys around and big sighs of frustration). Sasha is still learning that even though it’s WAY to hot outside, that is where she needs to do her potty business.

Sasha is the cutest and happiest little bulldog and will be a great addition to any family who will throw a ball for her and understand her love/hate relationship with the vacuum.