Hi! My name is JD. It’s the name my foster dad gave to me on my way to their home. My foster parents explained to me that the name Sausage was not an appropriate name for a bulldog. Actually my full name is Jimmy Dean, but JD fits me. I’m a handsome 2yr old, 60 lb, long legged guy & full of energy. I am on meds for ear & eye infections & my ears are much better, but my eyes will need to be looked at again by the vet.

Even though I’m only a youngster my life has been a rough one. I don’t remember what happened before I was put in a shelter, but I do remember thinking how excited I was when a college guy adopted me. But that’s when my life of hunger, torment, & abuse began. One of the things Mr. College boy thought was funny was to take me out of his tiny apartment on a leash to go potty & when I was doing my business he would push me over & laugh. It wasn’t funny to me & it made me really scared to go potty on a leash. That’s okay though because my foster mom says I can go to a furever home that has a yard for me to do my business in privacy. He also thought it was funny to make me starve. There was times I wouldn’t eat for over a week. But lucky for me there was another college guy that saw my abuse & rescued me to live with his mom & his younger siblings. I am so grateful for that family!! Even though she was a single mom & she worked & went to school she fed me & loved me. It was sad to leave that family, but there just wasn’t enough time for me & she told me to that I was going to a rescue home that would take care of me.

My foster mom says I have been such a good boy since I came to live with them. I am potty trained & I love my life here on their ranch. I am so easy to take care of & I love all of my foster siblings. I have 6 bulldog foster sibs & I love them all. One of the older male bulldogs doesn’t like me. He tried to make me fight with him, but I wouldn’t. It’s okay though my foster mom says he is really grumpy & she won’t ever let him near me again.  I love toys & will run around the house with one in my mouth. I will also take toys away from the others if I can and then run & hide them under the bed. Oh and speaking of beds that’s where I sleep. In the bed with my foster parents. I love it there.

Even though I like kids my foster mom says it’s best I don’t go to a family with kids because I’m so young & so lively. I need lots of love & attention because I can be really rough when I play, but we are working on my excitement manners. I will also need a playmate. One that’s not old & grouchy & bossy. And did I mention I will need a lot of toys?

JD is neutered, up to date on immunizations and on heart worm preventative. His adoption fee is $500.