Savannah Lee

Savannah Lee

Johnny is what I call “A Super hero!”  He does everything for me.  If I need a special meal made , Johnny is right there in the kitchen cooking for me.  If I get tired of staying home we get in the truck and off we go.  Johnny just can’t say “No” to me.  Johnny says it my eye’s. He loves my eyes.

I have a new skin sister and guess what? Her name is Savannah, just like mine. A home with 2 Savannah’s is great!  Depending on what we need determines who get’s up first. The other Savannah is still in school so she get’s up early where I usually just sleep in.  I have a new mom, Tracey. Tracey is the best.  Today Tracey was talking about a spa day for the both of us,  her nails and my toes are going to the groomer for a new coat of polish!  

At my new home I have a  fur sister, she’s a Bernedoodle, and her name is Willow. And she is the best. She’s only 9 months old and she loves to play. Most days we play all day long. 

Life is so good. 

This is my 2nd time to be adopted. My first family wanted a bulldog that liked to lounge around most of the day. They thought my energy level was above their energy level. But the truth is all I ever wanted was a family that would let me be a part of their family. My Dad is retired now and he lets me take ever step he takes. If my Dad watches TV so do I.  If he looks in the refrigerator, I look in there too. If he reads, he reads out loud to me. Best thing really is my Dad cooks, and he cooks for Me!  

Thank you rescue. You found the perfect family just for ME!  Love Forever , Savannah

It is a story we don’t like to tell, but it happens. Savannah Lee was tearfully returned to rescue this week. Her family has struggled with this decision for a while and it was so difficult for her daddy to tell her “Good bye.” But it was one of those unfortunate change in circumstances.

As you can see, she still has that funky ear that stands straight up. Savannah has grown up in the past two years. She looks perfect and will pick up right where she left off in rescue. She will have a new family in no time.

Today was the day Savannah has been waiting for all week. She met her new family last weekend and fell in love with them instantly. She didn’t want to wait and wanted to leave with them immediately. We had to have a chat and let her know it was just a few more sleeps until her happily ever after.

Savannah has a new mom and dad, and to make things even better for this energetic girl, she has a new skin brother and sister!

I couldn’t have picked a better family for Savannah. We will miss this sweet, crazy girl in this foster home. She has an amazing personality.

Good luck with your new life and perfect family, Savannah!

I know you’re going to stare at me for two reasons, so I might as well tell you all about me so we can move on to other stuff.

No. 1: Yes, I am wearing a tutu and I have no idea why. And the beads slipped from around my neck to my waist, so they could be with my tutu.

No. 2: Yes, I have one ear that stands up, one ear that lays down. Again, I have no idea why. Maybe the glue held on one ear, but not the other.

So now we can move on to everything else about me. I am almost 2 years old. I had a family and I had a boxer for a friend. It was great. My boxer friend loved to play chase and we played for hours. But sometimes all good things have to come to an end and that’s what happened. My family went different directions and I came here. I love other dogs and I love kids. Really, I just love everything, especially walking.

I am not overweight and I have always enjoyed long walks when the weather is not too hot, or not too cold. I have a lot of energy, and sometimes it’s hard for me to calm down when I start playing. I am still in the chewing stage in my life and I need a lot of things to chew on. I am eager to learn and to please. I learn fast, but I need someone with patience to teach me to walk, not run. Sit, not leap. And I need to learn that leather shoes are not necessarily chew toys for me.

On Monday, I am going to sit in the ladies’ laps at Bright Star and show Dr. Larsen that I am a very good girl that deserves a lot of treats. So, really that is all you need to know about me, Savannah Lee, a beautiful Bulldog lady that is as sweet as can be.

2/20/19 Update:  Thought I would let everyone know I moved into my foster home yesterday and I love it. I got to go on a nice long walk today and I behaved so well.

I am not your typical Bulldog… I have a lot of energy and love to play, but at the same time, I also love snuggles. The old dogs in this foster home just look at me like I am crazy and then return to their naps.

I am going to make my rescue debut next weekend at the Bulldog bonanza at Northside Drafthouse and Eatery, and I would love to meet you. I just love people so much. I follow my foster mom and dad around like their shadows, just waiting for attention.

I do have to learn some manners, but I am a very smart girl and have already started making progress in just 1 day! I can also fall asleep sitting up. You can see from my photo I had a little nip/tuck ~ just ignore the stitches around my eyes. They will heal up real soon. Can’t wait to meet everyone next weekend. Kisses,  Savannah Lee