The moment his new potential pawents walked into the door, Sebastian started to put on a show.  Greeting them with his beautiful smile, he immediately tried to sit in his Furever Mom’s lap.  Knowing that he was going to be their one and only dog, he was ready to be the center of their world.  He wasted no time getting in his new ride….and heading south to his new Furever Home!

My photography skills not being at their best.  I was able to get great pictures of his beautiful new Mom, but every photo of his Furever dad had his eyes closed.  After many attempts at fixing the photos, his new dad liked this one the best!  LOL!  His new dad is a very funny guy.  With Sebastian being a little mischievous and a big clown, he and and his Dad are going to get along great!!!

Sebastian had been in and out of homes because of his attitude towards other dogs. Now, he will be King of his own castle.  My heart is filled with knowing that he is finally home and has settled very well in his Happily Furever After.

We know that not all adoptions work out the way we planned. It is offen or a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is just not a good match in spite of how hard we try to make it so. We are saddened that Sebastian has been returned to us. But we know it was in his best interest and we will work hard to find him that perfect forever home.

Saturday was a very important day for me, and it was a day I was really nervous about. You see, Saturday was my rescue debut and I made it in a public place, the Bulldog Bonanza at Cold Beer Company.

Big, little, short, fat and tall… I saw Bulldogs that fit every category. Then there is me. Really thick and really cute.

For most of my life, I’ve been considered different and to some people different is not good. But to the group of rescue people I met on Saturday? They thought I was fabulous and amazing. They wanted to hug me and kiss me on the lips!

Not one person cared that I weigh 90 lbs. And not one person asked me to get down from the picnic table where I was enjoying some eggs benedict and a biscuit. See, these are my people. My people understand that big is beautiful. Just because I grew bigger than the typical Bulldog doesn’t mean I should have to explain to people why I am so big. I am big because I grew big.

So, if you find yourself meeting me and you feel the need to ask why I am so big, or if you think making a comment about my size doesn’t hurt my feelings, just remember big Bulldogs need love too. If you met me, I guarantee you would love me. Off to the clinic I go to sit in Dr. Larsen’s lap because I know she will love, love, love me!

1/5/20 Update:  Happy Monday Everyone,  Sabastian here coming to you from my new foster home where I have for fur siblings and another foster girl here to spend my days with.  I am a big boy coming in at 78 pounds but I am nothing more than a big teddy bear.  I love the attention I get from my foster mom and dad and there is a little brown bulldog here that loves to play.  She is a handful and quite a bit smaller than me so I am careful not to get to rough.  When I get tired I go to my kennel and lay down to rest.

I know some people may look at me and think I am too big and would be hard to handle…NOT AT ALL.  I am a sweetheart, if I do say so myself, and foster mom and dad have told me that too.  Although I heard them talking about a diet.  I’m not sure what a diet is but the way they were talking it was about me…HMMM.  I’ll need to google that and get some more info.

I will tell you I am potty trained and will stand at the door to be let out so you need to pay attention.

I know foster mom and dad love me but all I really want is my own forever home.  I’m a cutie so get your application in ASAP so we can get together and start making some memories together.  OH!!!  Gotta go I think I hear snacks being opened…Later

1/27/20 Update:  This guy! He is so gorgeous and just a big super schmexy hunk of Bulldog. He strutted into my home like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever! He knows that he is all that and then some. He has been nicknamed “Mr. Big” and he immediately started answering to “Big.” He has had no problems settling in, and has taken over the house.

He gets along great with my mini Aussie, Gracie, and my other Bulldog boy, Fletch. He is determined that he should be the top dog in the house, and he and my female Bulldog, Piglet, have been butting heads. She is not going to give up her position or title.

He absolutely LOVES chew bones and likes to hoard all of the Benebones. He enjoys lounging on the sofa in front of the TV, chewing on a bone until he eventually decides a nap is in order. Then, in true “Big” Bulldog style, he snores so loud it rattles the windows! OK, not that bad, but still extremely loud.

Don’t let his gorgeous looks and sweet teddy bear face fool you! This big Bulldog comes with a very big attitude. We are currently having to work on attitude adjustment. Sabastian likes to push his weight around and is having to learn who is the real head of the household.

3/20/20 Update:  I’m reporting in from quarantine. Foster Ma loaded all of us pups up and headed down to the ranch. We are hunkered down on several hundred acres with horses, cows and a hardy supply of TP. We figure that nasty virus is going to have a hard time finding us out in the middle of nowhere!

Many of y’all are thinking…. “Why is he still available for adoption? Didn’t he have some good news brewing?”

Truth be told, I was about to become a foster failure.

I was doing great in my foster home and getting along with everyone in the house and enjoying life. My Foster Ma couldn’t help but fall in love with a big ol’ teddy bear like me. But as I got comfortable in my foster home, I got a little too cocky and went after my foster fur sister. This is a problem that I have been having! I start out liking and getting along with the other fur kids in the house, but then once I get comfortable and confident in my new surroundings, I figure that is the time for me to push my weight around and show everyone there is a new boss in town. And once I do, I just can’t stop.

Therefore, Foster Ma and all the great folks in rescue have made the decision that I can only go to a home where I will be the ONLY dog! They recommend that no one takes a chance with their kitties, either.

So, if you are looking for an incredibly handsome, house trained, crate trained, super snuggly cuddly teddy bear… I may be your dog! I want to be the center of your world. I just want to sit with you on the sofa, chew on my bones and watch a little television. I am great on a leash, and Foster Ma is working on my walking endurance.

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE car rides. Despite my size, I am very easy to load into a car. I will do everything I can to help you! BUT, I love riding in the car so much…. good luck getting my 80-pound butt out of the vehicle! For me, it is not about the destination… it’s all about the ride! I am ready to get on the road and go anywhere, anytime.

Put your application in and maybe you’ll get matched to me. I’m ready to be someone’s one and only!

6/24/20 Update:   It’s me…. Sabastian, AKA Mr. Big, reporting from our social distancing safe house down here at the ranch. I know it has been quite a while since there has been an update from me and there is a good reason why. Foster Ma loves me VERY MUCH! And she really, really, really wanted to make me a foster failure.

She has been working with me very hard on my behavioral issues. She has done medication combined with behavioral training. It was starting to work and I was being a really good boy…. but then, once again… I blew it! I started going after other dogs in the household. Even worse, this week I reverted back to going after my foster sister Piglet, while she was minding her business in her crate.

Foster Ma has to keep me crated when the others are out and about. She has a rotation system for us to have our freedom time. When I have my freedom time, she has to lock the girl up in the bedroom on the other side of the house and keep me away from the door. In her heart, she feels that this is not a quality of life for any of us. I need a home where I can enjoy more freedom.

I can ONLY go to a home where I will be an ONLY furkid. There can be no other dogs or cats in the household. When it comes to people, I can’t be more social, though! I LOVE people and I love to be loved by people! I am a SUPER SNUGGLER! I just want to sit next to you on the sofa and watch movies. I used to like watching college football, but we may not be able to watch that for some time. I also like watching the DIY network and Animal Planet. Heck… I will watch anything if you let me sit next to you on the couch.

Do you need someone to keep you warm at night? I could be your dog! I love sleeping in the big bed with Foster Ma. Every other night, it is my turn to sleep in the big bed. And it is a good thing it’s a big bed because I take up a lot of real estate!

Other than the fact that I don’t get along well with other pets…. I am an absolute perfect housedog! If I am standing at the door, you better get your bum up and let me out. I do not do my business in the house. I hear that cats and guinea pigs have indoor toilets, but not me. I take it outside and I will kindly ask you to let me out the door to do so.

I came into rescue at a whopping 90 pounds! I’ve lost some of that weight because my Foster Ma will have nothing to do with fat dogs. She diligently worked on getting me to the fit and trim hunk of gorgeous Bulldog that I am today.

Do y’all remember that big square of missing fur I have on my back where I had surgery back in November? Everyone told Foster Ma that the hair was not going to grow back. Well … my Foster Ma told everyone to just hold her beer! Apparently, she is some kind of expert at getting hair to grow on Bulldogs! As you can see from my recent photos, no big square of missing hair! I am PAWFECT!

Like 99.99% of dogs, I LOVE my car rides! I’ll do anything to go for a ride. Load me up and let’s go! Sometimes, when Foster Ma is out feeding the other ranch kritters, she lets me ride shotgun in the mini ranchmobile. It’s great fun! I just sit there in my air-conditioned seat and watch her sweat, as she feeds and waters those big dogs called horses! I really wanna go for a ride in the big red pickup my ranch auntie has… It’s super pawsome!

I am kind of a high maintenance kind of guy because I’m all about the pampering! You may notice that I have several wrinkles and folds. Those things need to be cleaned and dried daily with some special wipes that smell kind of girly to me. My feet also need to be sprayed and wiped down a couple of times a day or I will get those nasty cysts between my toes. When I take care of my “bizniz,” more often than not, you will have to wipe my tooshie.

I am generally a good boy and don’t usually get into any trouble. But there is one of the Bulldog property laws that states if it is on the floor or in my mouth…. it’s mine.

I have snatched a few flip flops in my days here … really not a big deal. BUT last week, Foster Ma was out feeding and didn’t take me with her. I noticed a pair of boots in the laundry room and I just could not help myself. The leather had such an aroma about it. In my defense, it reminded me of a rawhide chew that maybe I had in a former life (I don’t get those now because they are BAD NEWS for doggies!).

Anyway, Foster Ma came in the house and screamed at the horror that was once her favorite barn boots. She was crying something about them being handmade by some bootmaker in Fort Worth. I don’t know…. the boot was delicious and thankfully for me, the missing parts eventually came out in the end. Foster Ma warns: keep your stuff off the floor if I am your man!

If you have no small children and no other pets in your household, and you’re looking for a BIG, 75 pound Bulldog bundle of love, I may be the perfect match for you!

7/9/20 Update:    On the way to the barn to get his bath, Sebastian detoured to the horse rig! I know he was a truck driver in a former life!