Sir S’mores A’lot

Sir S’mores A’lot

Sir S’mores found his forever home! He didn’t realize that he had been in that home from his first day in rescue, but once he did, he could not be any happier. So, Sir S’mores A’lot gets to remain at the head of his awesome rescue B&B and help other foster dogs prepare for their forever families.


Sir S’mores A’lot is one of five new 13 week old puppies we received along with their mother.

Tank Austin was so excited to go to the Patio Paw-ty this afternoon. But little did he know, we would return with a smaller version of him… Sir S’mores A’lot! Tank is still deciding if he approves. Sir S’mores A’lot is the sweetest boy. He’s adjusting to his new environment. Yesterday was a really big day, so lots of napping was in order.

5/8/21 Update:  When I saw Doc, she said I was super cute, but I need to get more exercise. So Foster Mom and Pop went got me a new play yard and some more toys, a new elevated food bowl and a fancy mat to catch the water when it jumps out of the bowl.

From foster boy Tank Austin: Babies are a lot of WORK. They touch all your stuff and need to be taught everything. I’m a good big brother though. I’m teaching him to play, and important words like “cookie,”and how to nap effectively. Most importantly, I test all the toys… just to be sure they’re safe.

5/14/21 Update:  Sir S’mores A’lot is sulking because his friend got put in time out for playing too rough.

Foster boy Brody Dustin is all puppy energy in a 70 lb body. He has no clue how big he is! And Sir S’mores has little man syndrome. He truly believes he can take him, despite the 50 lb weight difference. 😂 S’mores tried to open the door and let him out. When that didn’t work, he resorted to sulking.
5/16/21 Update:  Sir S’mores A’lot had a meet-and-greet today that seemed to go really well! It’s been a big week for him. First, his buddy Tank Austin went to live at his new furever home. Then, his new buddy, foster boy Brody Dustin, came to visit. He left this morning. And this afternoon, he got to meet a new friend to see if he can be the forever brother. Now, he is all played out. He slept the whole ride home…..with his seatbelt extended as far as it would go, so he could still sit by foster mom and chew his Benebone. Car rides are getting much better.
5/17/21 Update:  A whole house full of age-appropriate, Bulldog tested toys, and what’s the most fun to play with? A stream of light in a compact mirror. He’s going to sleep well tonight.
6/3/21 Update:  Foster kid Trucker came to stay with us yesterday. S’mores is being a good brother and teaching him the ropes, like how to do walkies, how to play, etc.