A little over a year and a half ago, my husband and I made one of the greatest decisions of our lives when we decided to adopt a Bulldog from your rescue. We fell in love with Spencer from day one. With terribly heavy hearts we wanted to inform you that sweet Spencer went to the Rainbow Bridge this evening. This was very unexpected and we are not dealing with it well, but still wanted you to know. The vet at the emergency clinic suspects possibly a sudden heart attack or maybe even a PE is what took him from us after a very routine day for him. Thank you for the opportunity to know such a love that we had with Spencer. He made such a difference in our lives and many of our friends and family. We expect that his Bulldog brother Spartacus will be very affected by this too. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We will not recover easily from this one.

Spencer has been ADOPTED!!! Sweet Spencer has found his forever family! This sweet boy now has a bully brother of his own named Spartacus, and a super great mom and dad. I took him to his new home on Thursday and we walked in like he knew it was his! In the 2 minutes I went to the car to grab something, he had jumped on his parents bed and made his rounds around the whole house.

Spencer is a 4 yr. old male that weighs approximately 60lbs.  He is good with humans of all sizes and other dogs.

Hi! My name is Spencer and I’m new to LSBCR. I’m a 4 year old owner surrender. My momma got a new job where she traveled a lot, and she knew me at home alone wasn’t the life for me! So now I’m on my way to finding my forever home!

I love all dogs and people — I just wanna be loved on. I love kisses and belly rubs and TREATS.

7/18/2015 Update: Spencer (who my husband lovingly nicknamed quarter pounder) is a 60 pound pile of love. He is starved for affection and wants nothing more than to be a giant lap dog.

He has little interest in his foster fur brothers, but loves all people. Everyone he meets is his best friend. He gives sloppy kisses and jumpy hugs to everyone. If There’s such a thing as doggy ADD, Spencer would have it. He is always moving! He goes from one human to the next, always moving around and following me as I move.

He loves car rides but thinks he’s a licensed driver. He doesn’t realize he needs to sit in a different seat!!

He loves treats, meal time, but doesn’t seem interested in toys. He barks if he’s put in his crate during the day (think it puts a damper on his lap dog time) but he does well at night when everyone goes to sleep.

He’s healing nicely from his first neuter and ready for his forever home

7/25/2015 Update:There aren’t enough cute words to describe Spencer.

Spencer has never met a human he didn’t like. He jumps on you to say hi, gives you big kisses to say how much he cares and sits in your lap to make sure you know he’s there. He’s a lovebug through and through. Not to mention his facial expressions crack me up!

He LOVES the kiddie pool, belly rubs, treats, frisbees and anything that involves being around a human. How can you not love his perfect bully face?

8/2/2015 Update: Spencer is a pure joy to foster. I love this big boy so much. He is a tried and true love bug; he doesn’t realize he’s 60 pounds because he prefers to be in your lap. He loves giving kisses and snuggling on the couch, and belly rubs! He can’t get enough belly rubs!

He’s still quiet a fan of the kiddie pool. He went outside to potty today and got in.. When there was no water! So foster mom filled it up so he can relax on Sunday Funday.

8/9/2015 Update: If there was an award for a perfect bulldog, Spencer would win it by a land slide.

This sweet boy is preciously perfect. He knows no strangers and everyone is his friend. If you like to wake up to bully kisses and don’t mind watching TV with 60 pounds of bully in your lap and genuinely like to snuggle… Spencer is for you! There aren’t enough nice words to say about him. He’s great with dogs, kids, adults (though He’s not cat tested).  He just wants to be loved on. And he’s so sweet, you can’t help but love on him all the time.

For rescue: he had an adoption lined but but that fizzled. In nice words, the man really wanted him but the woman seemed to like another dog they met better and I think she just found something to find “wrong” so they didn’t adopt him. Which honesty is fine because as I said, Spencer is perfect and he deserves perfect family.

He goes back to Dr W tomorrow for a follow up with his eyes and it’s coming at a good time; I’m no expert but I don’t think he’s been feeling well the last day or so. He felt warm yesterday (though fine today) and has been finicky about eating when he never has before. He sounds congested to me and I think something in his nose/throat it’s messing him eating. Tonight he wouldn’t eat dinner, and finally I got him to eat some by giving him little bits of food above him, like you’d give a treat. If it was at level or below him, he wasn’t interested. He tried to eat a bite eventually, but he couched it up like it was hard to swallow. It makes me a little nervous – so I’m glad he’s going back to Dr. W.

I’m quite attached to this sweet boy. He reminds me a lot of Mr. Peabody – just not quite as cranky 🙂 I mean look how sweet he is with his foster brother?! And he got on the kiddie pool with no water.. So of course I filled it up for him!

8/2/2015 Update: Spencer is doing great! The big lovebug has enjoyed the spouts of cooler weather so he has been able to be outside more. I guess laying outside is better than inside? Whenever his time is up all I have to say is “treat!” And he gets up and runs inside.  He continues to be a super sweet house guest.