Sue has been ADOPTED!!!! Sue is officially in her née forever home.  They just pulled out of the driveway about 5 minutes ago.  They hit off and they loved her.  She is going to have a great life. Sue officially joined her forever family tonight.  Lin and Rick Humphrey are prepared to give this sweet girl the wonderful home and life she deserves and she is prepared to be the best addition to thier family that they could ever ask for.  It’s nothing but endless love and play for Sue for the rest of her life.  Sue, Lin and Rick all fell in love with each other as soon as they met and they are without a doubt a perfect match.  I know that love will continue to grow as they get to know each other more and Sue settles into to her new life.  Best of luck to all 3 and enjoy your lives together! Congrats to the entire family.

Sue is a 4 yr. old female bulldog that weighs 64 lbs.

Sue joined Lone Star Bulldog Rescue today through no fault of  her own. A family member has allergies to Sue, so she was surrendered today. Sue is good with kids, cats and other dogs. She is very spunky and has a small stubborn streak.  She is crate trained, walks on a leash and is house broken. Sue joined her foster family today, so more information on her will be coming soon.

6/21/2015 Update :Sue joined us Friday afternoon after a quick vet check.  She had great checkup and is in really good shape.  She absolutely has one of the prettiest, softest and thickest bully fur coats that I have ever seen.  The 1st night and morning, she was a little shy and had to settle in and warm up to us.  She spent a lot her time in her crate by her choice during that time.  Saturday afternoon she decided she was ready to see what we were all about and since then she has been by one of our sides, constantly asking for a pet or just wanting to cuddle up.  She does need a little time to warm up which is understandable since she is going through a lot of change in her life and we are strangers to her.  But once she warms up, she has a lot of to give and wants to receive a lot of love back.  We believe that she may need slow introductions to other pets as she has shown a little possessiveness of her things when her 7month old bully puppy foster brother gets near her stuff.  Sue plays occasionally with us for a few minutes at a time but is mostly laid back just wanting to be with her people and get a good belly rub or back scratch. She is fully house trained and has not had a single accident!  She is also crate trained, though she would rather stay out and have the option to go to the crate or not.  She also walks well on a leash and loves to go on a car ride where she look out the windows.  Today I discovered that she also loves to lay in the bed and cuddle but needs a little lift to help her get up there.  She is very sweet and loving but definitely has a stubborn side.  Sue does what she wants, when she wants, but most of all what Sue wants and deserves is love and fur ever home with a loving family.

6/29/2015 Update: Sue has had a great week and is settling in very nicely in our home.  She is really coming out of her shell and showing us her personality, and boy does she have a lot of it.  This week we have discovered that Sue LOVES to play!!!!  She will demand to played with and will not stop until you give in and play with her.  But, that doesn’t take long because she has such a cute face and personality to match.  She will whimper, air bark, cry, pace, actual bark and even grab your arm with her paw (regardless of what you are doing) to be played with.  Late this week she even decided that the foster pup is kinda fun to play with.  Her favorite game is light tag but she also enjoys a good game of fetch, chase or trampoline ball bounce. She does play a little rough and mouthy but we are working on that each day and its just because she gets so excited.  She is great on a leash and enjoys an occasional walk if its not too hot outside.  We also discovered that she knows “Sit” and will quickly do it for a treat.  She is extremely smart and prove it to us daily.  She has still not had any accidents and has pretty good house manners.  We had a visit from a friend this week in law enforcement who was still in his uniform.  As soon as I opened the door for the him, Sue went crazy and  was beyond excited jumping around and rubbing against him like we have never seen from her before upon meeting anyone.  It leads me to believe  she either loves a man in uniform or one has been very kind to her in the past.  Sue is great with kids as long as they are not scared of her and can handle a little rougher style play.  I think with time and dedication to Sue her play style can be tamed down a bit and she can be a great gentle playmate.  Sue will make an excellent addition to any family but if you are interested in her, you better hurry up and apply before you get beat by someone else to adopt this beautiful girl.

7/5/2015 Update: Sue has had another great week with us and is continuing to open up and show us her unique personality.  She just loves to be with people and follows someone around at all times.  She also continues to love to play and will demand to be played with.  She doesn’t care who it is playing with her when she wants play as long as someone with 2 or 4 legs plays with her. Sue knows what she wants and does not make you guess. She will tell you and show you where whatever she wants is located!  Sue is determined and is not a quitter when it comes to getting what she wants.  She will remain persistent to get what she wants rather it is to be played with, fed, petted, cuddled or a little boost to help her get up into one her favorite napping spots.  Sue remains an excellent house guest and has not chewed on anything other than her toys and bones and still not had one accident.  Anyone would be lucky to have a sweet playful girl like Sue join their family.

7/12/2015 Update: Sue has had another great week as to be expected from such a great girl.  She is just a great house guest and doesn’t cause any trouble.  She loves to be with and by people majority of the time.  She has even been sleeping out of her room most nights now because she looks at me with those sweet big brown eyes at bedtimes as if to beg “can I just sleep near you” and I just cant bring myself to walk her down the hall to her room and just let her cuddle-up next to our bed.  She continues to amaze us with how smart and determined/persistent she is.  I know I have said both of these things in almost every update, but we just cannot believe it.  Sue is no a quitter.  When she wants something, she will not give up until she gets it.  Don’t think the old out of sight out of mind trick will work on Sue because believe me it will not!  Sue will watch where you take and hide whatever it is she wants and can and will remember for days where you put something.  She will sit looking at it or at the door if we put it behind closed doors and “talk or vocalize” about it (as you can hear in last weeks video) until she gets it.  If it was put in another room or the garage, she will not stay away from people for long since she loves being with people, but she will go back and forth until she gets it.  When she goes to sleep for the night if she did not get what she wanted before bed time, she will go back to that spot in the morning and ask for it. She will do this for days until she gets whatever it was she wanted.  After she gets it and is satisfied, she will move onto the next thing she wants.  Sue is such a good girl and doesn’t hurt anything that the only reason things need or get taken and put away are things like a ball or toy because she needs a playing break or a bone because she need a chewing break.  The big green ball is the one that is sometimes  gone for a few days because its an outside toy and we don’t want her to get to hot playing outside in the Texas heat.  The heat brings up another thing that Sue had missed on some this week that she enjoys, walks.  Sue loves a short 10-15 minute walk from time to time but there have been few of those recently due to the heat.  We did manage to sneak one in one morning  mid week when it was still cool enough for a quick walk.  She was excited!  Since we couldn’t go on many walks she has been content with some inside playtime, a little outside playtime in the evenings and a few car rides around the block or to the pet store.  This week I videoed her favorite outside game which we call trampoline  ball bounce.  She doesn’t  have to have to have a trampoline  to play but she jumps on the side of it and ask for a boost and I think  it helps her contain the ball in a smaller area and makes her feel weightless  and gives her a fun little bounce.  We have to make her get off and stop playing before she wants too because we don’t  want her to get too hot.  She does not typically agree  that it is time to stop playing.  Sue just has the funniest little (or rather big) personality with a few quirks that just make you love her. I know Sue is very close to finding her forever family, I can just feel it.  I have to admit that though I am beyond excited and thrilled for her and her perfect family, I am a bit sad for me.  She has been a joy to have in our home and I know she will be a the pride and joy for her forever family.  do you think she is the perfect addition to your family?  If so, apply to adopt this special, beautiful and deserving girl today.

7/18/2015 Update: Sue has had another great week as to be expected but she is a little sad this weekend L Why? It all started late Saturday afternoon. Sue and her foster brother were outside playing with their big green ball. It is one of her all time favorite toys as you can see in last weeks video. As they were excitedly chasing the ball around the yard, it hit a little piece of metal on the fence post and popped. She stood over it as it slowly deflated just pawing at it trying to make it roll. When I walked over to them, she just looked at me and then back at it. I swear she was thinking, “What happen????? I didn’t bite it and now just look at it. FIX IT pleeeeeaaaaseee. Make it roll again.” Though I couldn’t fix it, I reassured her that as soon as I could get the store I would buy them a new one. I pulled out a different ball for them to play with, but Sue is just too smart and could not be distracted with a different ball. She wanted her big green ball and just kept walking over to the porch and looking at it in the trash can. She will be very excited when I come home from the store with a new big green ball! This week Sue got to take a few car rides to the pet store and to visit at someone’s house. While on our visit, Sue got to meet another cat and a small dog. She did great with both of them by just wanting to sniff and check them out and then went on to mind her own business. She has also discovered a new favorite napping spot behind (or kind of on top of) the couch cushions. She just looks so cute snuggled up there that I let her stay and just fix the cushions when she gets down. Sue will fit great into any home and she can’t wait to meet her perfect fur-ever family. She is fully housebroken, great on a leash, knows sit and drop, and gets along well with people of all ages and other animals. Apply today to adopt this sweet girl and make your family complete.

If you would like to make Sue a permanent member of your family please complete an adoption application.