Sunny Brook

Sunny Brook

Sunny Brook has been adopted.  Her family drove all the way from Kansas!  She ran right to Crystal and Max!  She is so loved and knows that is her forever home.


Hello friends. It’s me Sunny Brook, and today I joined rescue. At the age of 1 year 8 months the question was “Should I stay, or should I go?”  It was a tough decision, one that I had thought about for a while.  

I recently had a litter of puppies and my goodness that was tough. I think I was a good mom, not a great mom, just good. But I knew right then I was going to be “One and Done” in the birthing department! They made me nervous. I didn’t really know what to do with them. I hear people talking about “maternal instinct” and I wondered “Did I miss the boat on that?”  

My babies were cute as could be, but they made a lot of grunting noises. Every time one of them grunted it made me scared. I would jump up and run away.  After a while I realized they seemed to be more trouble than they where worth. And I faced the fact that motherhood was not for me!  

So I packed my backpack and called the rescue wagon. When the wagon rounded the corner I was ready to go. Even though the back was open I jumped up in the front seat.  After all I needed to see where I was going! 

Right now, as far as my personality, I am just scared. “Cautious” might be a better word. I am not going to run right up to you with my butt wiggling. I am going to maybe do the doggy crawl until I feel more comfortable around you.

I wanted to sit in Dr. Larsen’s lap, and I would have, but there were a lot of people there wanting to pet me. So I just froze and peed in the floor. They said that was OK and no one got upset with me. They just told me, “We love bulldogs here and before you know it things won’t be so scary to you around here.” I am excited about that. Love Sunny Brook