Talulah (now Sally)

Talulah (now Sally)

Talulah has been adopted! Today is not only the first of September, it is the first day of this special girl’s new life. Talulah will now be known as Sally. Her new mom and dad drove a long way to meet her and it was love at first sight. After a quick walk, Sally fell sound asleep on her new mom’s foot and showed them her snoring skills. Sally will have her new mom and dad all to herself and be loved unconditionally. As soon as it was time to go, Sally ran out the front door and got right into the car. She blew me a lick through the window and off she went to live the amazing life she deserves with her amazing new family.

She is a 3-year-old, well-mannered lady who came from a loving home. When her mom was pregnant with her first child, dad was working out of town most of the time. So when it was time for those professional pregnancy photographs, it was Talulah in all the pictures.

But dad continues to be out of town so much and now it looks like the family will be moving overseas. They contacted our rescue group several months ago to talk about possibly surrendering her because it was too dangerous for her to make the move. Tonight was that tearful “goodbye” we have all been dreading.

She came with a room full of her belongings. She has a smile that will light up a room. She does great with kids of all ages and other dogs. She needs and deserves a family that will love her and include her in everything. She needs a family that will love her and always make the decisions that in her best interest, like the family she has always known.

7/18/18 Update:  My foster dad likes to call me Miss Batman Butt. I have my own super powers and I sport an awesome Batman symbol to prove it.

I have been in my foster home for about a week now and Foster Mum and Dad are head over heals in love. They say I am the perfect girl. I love to play, take walks (we are working on me getting excited and pulling), snuggling, giving kisses, toys and almost wiggling my butt off with excitement when I see you. I am a super sweet happy girl who loves her people and other things with fur. I am very gentle even when I am playing. What I really can’t wait for is to find the bat cave where I belong and to be your super dog forever.

8/3/18 Update:  I’m sending you an update on how fabulous I am. Foster mom helped me make a picture of some of my most favorite things to do. We left out swimming because you all already know how great I am at that. Because I am still young, I have plenty of energy. I LOVE to play and take walks. I do get a little excited on walks and try to pull, but I am getting better with that. If you give me a toy or bone, I will be occupied for hours. I am very affectionate and love to snuggle up and give kisses. I also LOVE food. I like to go check out the areas where the boys in the house ate their dinner to make sure there are no messes I need to clean. I like to be helpful and keep the house tidy. Also, I have not once gone potty in the house. I am fully house trained! I get along great with the other dogs in the house, too.

8/6/18 Update:  Get ready to party because yesterday I turned 3! In dog years that makes me of legal age! We had a party at my foster home with new toys, cake, peanut butter ice cream and party hats. It was so much fun! Hopefully, I will catch you all at the club this weekend.

8/18/18 Update:  Foster girl Talulah has had such a busy weekend so far. Yesterday, she visited Shadys for some lunch and made lots of friends. Then, because she is 3 and now of age, she decided to get dressed up and go out for a night on the town. She is paying for it today though!