6/14/2015 Update:  Tank was ADOPTED today!!!

Tank has been in rescue waiting, as patiently as an 11 month old can wait, to be mite free and join his forever family.

Tank’s mites are gone, his skin has healed and today he joined his forever family complete with a fur brother.

Please welcome Tank to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family! This sweet kid is only 7 months old, but he’s already had two families. His first family decided to sell him because of a potty accident in the house, and his second family wasn’t quite prepared to handle the antics of a puppy. Tank, fear no more… We will find you a great, loving, patient family you can call your own forever! Stay tuned for more details on this boy.

5/17/2015 Update: Tank went back to the clinic for a check-up and is improving daily. It has been  decided that he will stay on his medication for another 30 days. He has a meet and greet today so please keep your fingers and paws crossed.

6/7/2015 Update: Perfect Tank is still on medication for his mite and is waiting for a mite free check up where then he will join his family that are so eager to have him. Tank can now sit, come when called and we are working on some needed manners. He’s is very smart and very eager to please. Tank’s family are 100% committed to loving Tank forever.