Tank Tyler

Tank Tyler

We lost our sweet boy Diesel (3/5/16: originally Tank Tyler) that we just adopted this past June. We are heartbroken, but glad we had this chance to have him in our life. He was acting “off” and we’re not sure what happened, but thankfully he went to sleep on his bed and went to the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss him so much.
Our daughters, and of course both of us, are so heartbroken. I explained we will see him again ~ healthy and happy at the Bridge, but my oldest is inconsolable as we just lust our rescue pug a year ago too. She (at 7) wants to be a vet and of course, “Save all the homeless dogs.” But I am always grateful that we had these babies for any amount of time and they went to the Bridge knowing they are loved. My youngest doesn’t quite get it yet and keeps asking, “Where is the Bridge?”

Tank Tyler was ADOPTED!!!!

After a short stint in rescue, Tank Tyler was adopted on Wednesday! He was 43 pounds of fun loving, rowdy bulldog, who you would never know was seven years old!

He is now in his amazing forever home, where he has two fur siblings (both adorable pugs) and two skin sisters who enjoy walking him on his leash! Tank is living the life in his new home!

6/13/2015 Update: Tank Tyler is a 7 yr. old male that weighs 43lbs.

Tank Tyler joined Lone Star Bulldog Rescue today. There are no sad stories for Tank Tyler !  Tank Tyler has never known anything but love !  Born in Sun City California Tank Tyler spent many days on the beach dragging his surf board looking for the next big wave.  Tank was really a big deal back in California on the beach were surfers and friends would come and talk about the next big surfing contest and who was going to win.  Tank  believes he won his share of surfing contest,  but he does not really like to brag. Tank’s Dad is a United States Marine man and moving to Texas in January was hard on both of them. And then it happened Tank’s Dad was sent back to California for training and Tank has been living in their home here by himself with a neighbor feeding and taking care of him.  This was not what Tank had in mind, living alone. Tank loves a family. He really really loves kids. The decision of Tank joining rescue was a tearful one, one not taken lightly.   Even in 6 months when his Dad returns it will not be forever. As a Marine he travels all the time. Tank Tyler is a Texan now,  but he hates the Texas heat and not being able to ride the waves does make him sad but the one thing Tank Tyler would like to try now is being a Cowboy.

6/15/2015 Update: We have had tank for a day and have already learned so much!  You would never guess this little man is 7 – he is so energetic, you’d think he was a puppy. He is a little underweight, but a few good meals can take care of that! He does get so excited eating he can make himself sick, so we have working on feeding him small amounts with time to calm down in between.

So far he has had been GREAT with people. He’s done well with us and some family we had over tonight to come meet him. He did great with everyone!

He knows his name, likes playing fetch, enjoys bones, can sit, shake and does well on a leash. We took him on a short walk earlier and he was leading the pack!

He likes to be wherever we are, but isn’t quite a lapdog, as he starts to calm down then starts running around again. He is a sweetheart and would make a good dog for any family!

6/21/2015 Update:Tank Tyler is settling in great!  He was neutered on Wednesday — but it didn’t slow him down one bit. He is 7 going on 2 — he has more energy than I could have ever imagined.

He loves walks, treats, burying his bone in the couch and “digging” it out and being wherever we are. If I leave a room, he is always right behind me. He loves attention, affection, and getting his wiggle butt  scratched!

He made a brief appearance at Hollywood feed Saturday and loved seeing all the people!

If you have room at your ranch for Tank Tyler, please fill out an application.