Sweet Teddy is still hanging with us and enjoying life.  He loves his backyard time and spends more and more of it out in the open and hanging with us as opposed to hiding under something.  He still loves to eat leaves and bugs and try to escape, so you have to watch him constantly.  He has had obvious trouble with his front legs this week due to the weather and they seem to cause him pain.  It breaks my heart to see him limp around the pool with his big goofy smile on his face.  God bless this sweet little guy.  He is a trooper for sure!  He continues to hate walking on a leash, but we continue to do it anyway.  One of us has to give up and it’s not gonna be me!   It’s the only way he can go into the house and to the yard, so he tolerates it on the way out, but the way back to his room is not a jolly time at all for him.  I feel so bad for him, but at least Bruno stays and hangs out with him so he is not alone.  I just know that there is someone out there who can love and care for him in spite of his disability.  He is a cool guy who continues to evolve weekly.  Maybe this will be his week!

Teddy is neutered, up to date on immunizations and on heart worm preventative. His adoption fee is $450.


Found running loose and having to survive on his own for who knows how long, Teddy was incredibly lucky to be rescued and sent to LSBR. He was heartworm positive and so skinny you could count each backbone and rib bone on his little body. Having to live like this, Teddy was forced to fend for himself, and by that I mean capture his own food and eat leaves from plants, so it has proven difficult for him to ignore small dogs, cats and caged birds. He is somewhat physically challenged also as his front legs are bowed and seem to give him discomfort. He has been in a foster home for three months now and has undergone heartworm treatment and gained 20 much needed pounds! He will need a home that is small animal free and an owner with a heart of gold. Teddy is not the most handsome bully, but he is a sweetheart. He is learning to be accept love and petting without ducking and moving away (heartbreaking!) and he gets along great with dogs his size and larger. He does not like to walk on a leash and will need someone who is patient and knowledgeable to help him with this. He tends to want to stay close to buildings and look for places to hide. When in the backyard, he tries to find ways to escape and/or roams around looking for a snug place to crawl into. He also still tries to eat leaves off of all the plants, but does understand “no”. He loves meal time and bully rubs and lots of treats. He takes krill oil and a glucosamine formula daily to help with his joints. He is good in the house and working on potty training. He will be an awesome companion for someone who is willing to watch over and take care of his special needs and love him in spite of them.